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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through Tofu Cookbooks.

A little about me- I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

A Little Bit About Tofu

Tofu has a unique ability to drink up any flavor or seasoning it’s marinated in and is readily compatible with any soup, dessert, or meal. In addition to being a nutritious delicacy, tofu has a lot of medical advantages. According to research, it reduces the risk of cancerous growth in some parts of the body and reduces the risk of having heart disease and diabetes. The best part is it is low in calories, is gluten-free, and can minimize bad cholesterol. It minimizes oxidative stress and sustains heart health as well. Tofu cookbooks can help you in making your health perfect.

Here are the TOP 10 Tofu Cookbooks to make healthier dishes and improve yourself in the kitchen!

1. The Tofu Cookbook

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“The Tofu Cookbook” is a wonderful cookbook that will teach you how to make your “tofu” in 60 super-delicious recipes. From traditional pho, stir-fry, and salads to the more unusual: burritos, brownies, and even smoothies. It contains several easy tofu recipes, and you’ll learn how you can savor with optimum satisfaction your tofu, whether you love it crisp, crunchy, soft, or creamy.

About the Author ✍️

Heather Thomas is the author of The Avocado Cookbook, The Chickpea Cookbook, and The Sweet Potato Cookbook. Heather has worked with many top chefs, nutritionists, and women’s health organizations and charities and has contributed to health and food magazines in the UK and the United States.

2. Tofu: The Ultimate Recipe Book

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“Tofu: The Ultimate Recipe Book” is a detailed complete tofu cookbook that contains a variety of tasty recipes, from main meals to desserts. This cookbook will teach you how to incorporate tofu into other delectable dishes and the different ways to make your own tofu to satisfy different occasions.

About the Author ✍️

Les Ilagan is a writer, a devoted mother, and a passionate cook. Most of her recipes have been handed down in her family from generation to generation. She likes to cook for her family and friends. Whether it is for a special occasion or a simple gathering, nothing could give her more happiness than seeing her guests enjoying the food she had prepared for them.

To date, she has written over 30 recipe books and nearly a hundred recipe apps for both Android and iOS. Some of her bestselling books include Scrumptious Salmon Recipes and Delicious Pancakes! Quick and Easy Pancake Recipes, Heavenly and Beginner-Friendly Cake Recipes, The Ultimate Dip, Dressing, and Sauce Recipe Book, and Southern Cooking: Made Easy for Your Everyday Meals.

3. Asian Tofu

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This Asian complete tofu cookbook contains about 100 multi-cuisine possibilities featuring both ancient and modern techniques. It contains other spectacular favorites from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and India, as well as delicious dishes from Taipei, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and New York, making it one of the best comprehensive tofu and informative guide you can find out there. “Asian Tofu” is perfect for m of users, from beginners to professionals, vegans to non-vegans.

About the Author ✍️

Andrea Nguyen is one of the country’s leading voices on Asian cuisine and the author of the acclaimed Asian Dumplings and the James Beardβ€”and IACP-nominated Into the Vietnamese Kitchen. She has written for Saveur magazine, where she is also a contributing editor, the Los Angeles Times, and many more publications. She is also the creator of the Asian Market Shopper app. Her engaging and knowledgeable writing on cuisine and culture has attracted a loyal and well-deserved readership that actively follows her blog, Andrea lives in Santa Cruz, California.

4. Giant Book Of Tofu Cooking

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“Giant Book of Tofu Cooking” is an all-vegetarian cookbook that teaches different easy-to-follow ways to make unique and yummy tofu in 350 recipes. Whether you are a professional or not, you’ll find this book useful in becoming an expert in making mouth-watering tofu dishes, including spicy tofu.

About the Author ✍️

Lee Evans

5. The Book of Tofu

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This complete tofu cookbook contains over 500 authentic and delicious plant-based recipes from the East and West-from traditional Japanese Five-Color Sushi Rice with Tofu to heart-healthy Grilled Tofu with Korean Barbecue Sauce to hints on making your own flavored Tofu Burgers, with great ideas about how to organize the best lunch box with beautiful Dim Sums.

About the Author ✍️

William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi spent their formative years on opposite sides of the Pacific, in California and Tokyo, respectively. Bill and Akiko began collaborating in 1972, doing research and writing books about soy foods. They worked together for six years in East Asia, mainly in Japan, studying with top soy foods researchers, manufacturers, nutritionists, historians, and cooks. William is currently the director of the Soyfoods Center, which he and Akiko founded in 1976, and lives in Lafayette, California. A freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Akiko lives and owns her own art business in Walnut Creek, California.

6. Tofu Tasty

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“Tofu Tasty” contains 60 healthy recipes to make tofu-based delectable dishes. The recipe chapters are arranged into sections by the tofu’s texture, and as a beginner, you can learn how to make your tofu from scratch.

About the Author ✍️

Bonnie Chung is the author of Miso Tasty (Pavilion, 2016) and Tofu Tasty (Pavilion, 2021). Her first book, Miso Tasty, was selected for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Japanese Cuisine 2017 and was named in The Independent’s Top 10 cookbooks of 2016.

Bonnie is also an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of the FMCG food brand Miso Tasty. Her successful product range includes Miso Pastes, Cooking Sauces, Noodles, as well as Tofu, and is available across the UK and Australia in over 3000 supermarkets, including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Woolworths Australia, Ocado, and Wholefoods.

Known for her incredible passion and extensive knowledge of Asian flavor and culinary techniques, her love for ancient ingredients like miso and tofu is re-imagined for modern cooking with an array of recipes that celebrate these ingredients in everyday cooking.

7. Making Soy Milk and Tofu at Home

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Andrea Nguyen, in this Asian easy tofu cookbook, demonstrates how simple it is to make delectable soy milk from dried soybeans, water, and coagulant, which can then be used to make a variety of tofu at home. Making soy milk and tofu from scratch has been made easy by this comprehensive and informative guide for chefs of all skill levels. The instructions are straightforward, and you only need a little equipment to experiment by yourself.

This book is a great reference book. Andrea breaks down the steps to making soy milk and tofu. The soy milk is delicious and isn’t full of preservatives. I used the soy milk recipe to make pressed tofu. The resulting tofu was really delicious, much better than what I am able to get in the grocery store.

About the Author ✍️

Andrea Nguyen is an award-winning author, editor, teacher, and consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in Vietnam and came to the United States at the age of six. Her first book publication was “Trip to Freedom,” a short children’s book on how her family came to America. Andrea has written for numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Lucky Peach, Food and Wine, and EatingWell.

Her first cookbook, “Into the Vietnamese Kitchen,” was nominated for three 2007 James Beard and International Association of Culinary Professionals cookbook awards. “Asian Dumplings” was her second cookbook with award-winning publisher Ten Speed Press. In March 2012, Cooking Light magazine selected both books for their Best 100 Cookbooks of the Past 25 Years award. Andrea’s works comprised two of the seven cookbooks in the Asian category.

8. The Tofu Cookbook

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This easy-complete tofu cookbook contains 150 easy-to-make recipes and is highly recommended for beginners. You’ll learn how to creatively make your own delicious tofu, whether spicy tofu or lemongrass tofu, with the flavor and culinary techniques of a top vegan chef.

About the Author ✍️

Leah Leneman is a popular writer on the subject of vegan recipes who consistently brings style and variety to vegan cookery. Her books include β€˜Vegan Cooking for One, β€˜The Tofu Cookbook’, and β€˜Easy Vegan Cooking. She lives in Edinburgh.

9. Tofu Ryouri

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“Tofu Ryouri” contains over 30 delectable recipes centered around Japanese-style grilled tofu dishes, which take 30 minutes or less to prepare. With this book, you can enjoy Japanese-style tofu dishes in the comfort of your own home.

About the Author ✍️

When Pat Tokuyama was a kid, he hated eating sushi but loved Big Macs with a large order of fries. As he grew older, his tastes matured, and he embarked on a seemingly never-ending journey around the world just to eat.

10. 101 Things To Do With Tofu

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“101 Things To Do With Tofu” is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook where you’ll learn how to make several tasty dishes out of tofu, how to store them, and how to make healthy, easy-to-make delectable recipes out of soy.

About the Author ✍️

Donna Kelly

Final Thoughts

As a vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegan who wants a healthy alternative to meat, fish, eggs, and cheese, tofu is your best shot at creating plant-based meals. It comes in different textures and you can make it serve as whatever you want on your menu. If you have never tried tofu, it’s high time you added this special healthy delicacy to your diet. And if you are a big fan of tofu-based dishes, adding new recipes to your menu is not a bad idea.

Tofu cookbooks can be used to create plant-based meals and desserts more than you can possibly imagine. This is rich in protein and absorbs all the flavors well, due to which man can get all the essential amino acids his body needs.

The selected cookbooks contain multi-cuisine possibilities of culinary techniques to create amazing healthy, yummy tofu-based recipes. These Tofu Cookbooks will guide you on an adventure to make delectable recipes gathered by experts from all over the world for your family and loved ones to savor.

More about this alternative cuisine

For over 2,000 years, tofu has been a superfood in Southeast Asia, widely loved all around the world, and a healthy alternative to red meat. It makes up for any healthy plant-based meals and It is super rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Since tofu is made from soy, it’s cheap and readily available whenever needed.

There are thousands of super-delicious meals that can be made out of tofu and several hundred desserts. For your exploration, we’ve selected the top ten “Best Tofu Cookbooks”, where tofu is the main ingredient, that can help you to make the most of tofu and soybeans by teaching you how to prepare healthy, plant-based meals that are mouth-watering, easy-to-make tofu-based classic dishes.

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