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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the Soup Cookbooks

A little about me- I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

A little bit about Soups

Say hello to the most universal dish that the world has to offer. There is nothing we don’t like about soup because the different versions and options are endless. It can be as easy or as hard depending on how you want to prepare it and can be enjoyed at any time of the year, in any country and by anyone. The aroma of homemade soup simmering in the kitchen evokes the spirit of caring – of home and hearth. Soup is a metaphor for all food. Soup can be hearty or delicate, simple or extravagant, hot or cold, soothing or spicy, serious sustenance, or light divertissement.

So let’s discover the 10 Soup Cookbooks that you didn’t know you needed!

1. The Soup Book

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this stunning soup cookbook because it has more than 700 unique recipes for chowders, consommés, bisques, and traditional soups for every occasion and appetite. Some great soup recipes are cold and hot, and some are complex and simple. Moreover, they come from Louis De Gouy, a renowned master chef at large, who was the founder of Gourmet magazine. 

Review 📖

Let’s look inside this beautiful soup cookbook. Master chef Louis De Gouy presents great recipes for almost every soup you could want – more than 700 in all. 

At the same time, the author teaches us the basic principles of successful soup preparation and offers many alternate recipes, giving cooks and chefs a wide range of flexibility. 

There are thirteen chapters in this cookbook that cover all you need to know about Soups and Soup Garnishes, Classification of Soups, Stocks, Roux, Cream Soups, Herbs and Vegetables Used in Soups, Hot Consommés (Bouillons and Broths), Chilled and Jellied Consommés, Canned Soup Combinations, Potages and much more. 

Soups from many cultures include Chilled Bortsch, Vichyssoise, Dark Beer and Bread Soup, Codfish Chowder, Philadelphia Pepper Pot, Clam Bisque, Zuppa di Baccala and hundreds of others. 

We can say with confidence that “The Soup Book” is a Bible of all soup cookbooks and a must-have for chefs, restaurant professionals, beginner cooks, and all those who are passionate about soup and soup making. 

2. Fearless Broths and Soups 

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this charming soup cookbook because it has more than 60 simple, affordable and healthy soup recipes. This book takes us on a journey searching for healthy and delicious meals. Simple and convenient recipes for real budgets! 

Review 📖

The solution to healthy and convenient meals will not be found in cans, boxes, and packages. There is nothing better than whipping meals from scratch using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and they don’t have to be expensive. 

You can confidently create a good soup with almost anything, with or without a recipe, if you just follow certain guidelines and procedures. One of the most evident and economic rewards for maintaining a whole foods kitchen is that most of the snippings and peelings and unused parts of raw vegetables can be used to make a good stock with little effort. 

At the beginning of the book, the author speaks of Fearless Bone Broth Basics, which cover basic broth ingredients (as the broth is our base for all soups), basic broth kitchen tools, formulas for making delicious broths, and also affordable ways of making broths. We move on to Fearless Broth for Breakfast: healthy reasons why we should have broth for breakfast, broth and eggs, savory oatmeal, and Congee (Asian porridge made of rice). Finally, the last chapter speaks of Fearless Soups, which include delicious Asian noodle soups, Simple Sausage and Meatball Soups, Creamy Vegetable Soups, and delightful Soups from the Sea. 

This invaluable soup cookbook will teach you the basics of making broths and soups. You will learn how to cook with real food sourced sustainably and cheaply. Thirdly, you will learn to cook one of the healthiest and simplest foods while avoiding processed, nutrient-deficient pre-packaged meals. This book will help you learn to create simple meals without using recipes in just a few minutes. So, what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Yes, it’s glorious soup!

3. Soup & Comfort 

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this soup cookbook for its collection of hearty, comforting, and inventive classics and some favorite international soups to provide you comfort on a cold day or for soothing your soup cravings. We explore nourishing and delicious soup recipes that use easy-to-find, fresh, and use affordable ingredients. This cookbook is also filled with cozy recipes and great stories. 

Review 📖

The variety of recipes in this lovely cookbook is pretty impressive. There are several chapters in this book covering Satisfying Soups for Everyone; Stocks, Broths and Clear Stocks; Chilled Soups; Pureed Soups; Pasta and Grain-Based Soups; Gray Soup; Seafood Soups and Chowders; Meaty Soups, Stews, and Chili; Vegetarian Soups and Stews; Salads, Sandwiches and Soup Toppings. 

This beautiful cookbook contains over 135 mouth-watering recipes. Delight everyone at the dinner table with Lemon-Scented Orzo and Chicken Soup with Spinach; Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Chowder; White Gazpacho, or Cold Peach Soup. Impress your guests with comfort classics like Grandma’s Chicken Noodle and New England Clam Chowder or international flavors like Chicken Faux-Pho or Quick and Easy preparing ramen meals.

All recipes have labels for different dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, vegan, or Paleo, which will help you find the right dish easily or adapt it based on your preferences.  

The recipes in the “Soup and Comfort” cookbook are dynamic, family-friendly, and soul-warming and are designed to suit every taste. They offer something for everyone to enjoy. 

4. Taste of Home Soups

Why We Love It ❤️

We absolutely adore this soup cookbook because it gives us a chance to discover the top 100 beloved and tasty soup recipes, including old-fashioned favorites and quick meal ideas. The soup recipes are created using readily available ingredients, and the instructions to prepare the soups are very clear—this beautiful cookbook is for those who are passionate about anything soup. 

Review 📖

Soups provide subtle taste sensations that few other foods can match. They can be consumed hot or cold, thin or thick, and lend themselves to combination with a huge variety of dishes. The original melting pot, soup, is a dish that brings families and friends together. 

“Taste of Home Soups” brings 100 recipes that let us explore a wide range of options, from elegant bisques and hearty stews to refreshing chilled delights. 

Some of the soup recipes include Corn Chowder, Oh-So-Good Chicken Soup, Pasta E Fagioli, Chunky Beef and Vegetable Soup (to be served with crusty bread), Loaded Potato Soup, Navy Bean Soup, Seafood Bisque, and many more. 

For an impressive presentation, serve your guests velvety Cream of Asparagus Soup topped with bright green steamed asparagus shoots. For an exotic treat, make Chicken’n’Dumplings or Tomato Bisque. Offer your family a nourishing Split Pea Soup with Ham and a dash of Worcestershire sauce or a different variation with the fresh tang of mint. 

The possibilities are endless, and the results are thoroughly rewarding. This is a cookbook anyone should have in their kitchen. 

5. New England Soups From the Sea

Why We Love It ❤️

This stunning soup cookbook has recipes for beloved chowders, bisques, soups, and boils. It brings to us 80 locally inspired seafood soup recipes that honor the coastal traditions of America’s northeast – from Rhode Island to Maine. This comprehensive cookbook teaches us to expand our soup horizons! 

Review 📖

In this beautiful soup cookbook, the author unveils a whole world of new bisques, chowders, soups, and seafood boils. 

Section One is dedicated to Understanding New England Soups from the Sea. Here we learn about the native fish and shellfish of New England. Section Two speaks about the Key Foundations of all New England Soups from the Sea. This is a comprehensive chapter where we learn about all kinds of stocks: from basic fish stock and robust lobster stock to mussel broth and soft-shell clam broth. Section Three is entirely devoted to New England Soups and Stews. Under the Chowders section, we have recipes for Rhode Island Clam Chowder, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Portuguese Fish Chowder, Wild Salmon Chowder, Hake and Skate Chowder, Mussel Chowder with Fennel, Smoked Haddock Chowder with a Poached Egg, and many more delectable and hearty chowders to choose from. 

Brothy soups include the favorites like Aromatic Mussel Soup, Traditional techniques for Oyster Stew, Maine Lobster Stew, Lemony Haddock Soup, Monkfish Soup with Ginger, Lemongrass, and Lime, Tomato Swordfish Soup with Fresh Italian herbs, and much more. The bisques section has recipes such as Tomato-Clam Bisque, Salmon Bisque with Dill, Whitefish bisque, Mussel and Fennel Bisque, and of course, Lobster Bisque. 

This cookbook is a page-turner. All soup recipes are easy to follow and place a value on using sustainable fish from the northeast. A must for anyone who wants to venture into the tasty world of broths, bisques, chowders, and soups!

6. The Soup Book

Why We Love It ❤️

We absolutely love this soup cookbook because it has 200 delicious soup recipes beautifully organized season by season. Many recipes in this cookbook have been “donated” by some fantastic chefs. This delightful book offers plenty of recipe ideas and gastronomic inspiration to fill your bowl. 

Review 📖

The Soup Book” is packed with plenty of nourishing recipes for every season. The recipes are organized first by season and then by ingredient, so you can easily find your ideal soup to suit the fresh produce you have on hand.  

Spring presents us with asparagus, cauliflower, nettles, spinach, mangoes, red snapper, eel, lobster, chicken, lamb, and much more. Summer brings us fava beans, globe artichokes, watercress, melon, cherries, pork, beef, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more surprises. In Fall, we love pumpkin, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, chickpeas, pears, mussels, clams, and beets. In Winter, we want to curl up with a comforting bowl of soup made with lentils, potatoes, leeks, or kale. And obviously, it is time to prepare for the festive season after having stocked up on game, turkey, duck, and smoked haddock. This book has many recipes for bread, it seems to be a bread cookbook, to accompany all delicious soups: soft white rolls, cornbread, easy flatbreads, crusty white loaf, and soda bread. 

Recipes include the most exciting combinations of flavors and ingredients: African Sweet Potato Soup, Beet, and Apple Soup, Carrot Soup with Coconut and Lemongrass, Fish Soup with Fennel, Hamburg Eel Soup, Keralan Shrimp Soup, Brandied Lobster Chowder, Cucumber, and Walnut Soup and many more wonders, and attractive for anyone who enjoys cooking and its clarity guides all skill levels. A cookbook to be explored. 

Provides guidance for all skill levels—a cookbook to be explored. 

7. Keto Soup Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

There is nothing more comforting than a nourishing bowl of soup, but finding Keto versions can be a little challenging. Now, Keto lovers can put soups back on the menu with this best Keto soup cookbook. Discover wonderful recipes with ketogenic-friendly ingredients, and create Keto soups that minimize carbs and maximize flavor. 

Review 📖

What is a ketogenic or Keto diet? It is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that has been shown to deliver several health benefits. Going Keto can help you boost your overall health and improve your mental focus. Simply put, the Keto diet focuses on eating minimal carbs, moderate protein, and high fats. It focuses on rich proteins like salmon, beef, or chicken and healthy fats like cheese, avocadoes, and almonds.  

This cookbook will satisfy your soup cravings, and it will do it without the carbs! “Keto Soup Cookbook” is divided into the following chapters: Making Soup Keto; Bone Broths and Meaty Soups; Faux Pasta, Rice and Grain Soups; Creamy Bisques and Chowders; Vegetarian and Veggie Centric Soups; and Bread, Crackers and Toppings. 

You can serve up delicious, hearty, and tasty soups with this easy Keto cookbook featuring 60 reimagined classics and creative recipes such as the Easy Herbed Tomato Bisque, Tom Yum Soup, Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup, Cream of Asparagus Soup, Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Cauliflower-Cheddar Soup, Peanut-Chicken Soup, Jambalaya, Lasagna Soup, Salmon and Zucchini Chowder, Butternut Squash Soup with Turmeric and Ginger, Avocado Gazpacho and much more. 

Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice in the kitchen, the soup recipes in this book are designed to be easy, delicious, and, most important, Keto. If you do follow a Keto diet, this book is indispensable.

 8. Soup of The Day

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this beautifully illustrated soup cookbook because it offers 365 soups every day of the year. All recipes are categorized by month of the year and are laid out in an easy-to-follow, colorful calendar format. The monthly calendars highlight the season’s best ingredients to bring you delicious and fresh flavor combinations all year round!

Review 📖

Now, consider the myriad collection of fresh ingredients that combine in a single bowl of soup and recognize the beauty of seasonal cooking. In this stunning soup cookbook, soups and stews offer the ultimate canvas for blending the best of each month’s choice ingredients with the techniques, traditions, and cultural trends that influence their creation. 

Considered by many to be the ultimate comfort food, soups are welcome additions to the dining table throughout the months, marking occasions and seasons with flavorful flair. 

So, why not make vegetarian Pumpkin Tortilla Soup on the 1st of Jan and traditional French Onion Soup on the 2nd of Jan? How about creamy Cheddar-Cauliflower Soup on the 3rd of Jan and Ham Hock and Potato Chowder with Crispy Soppressata on the 4th of Jan? The choice is yours throughout the year, every day! Other delicious soups include Posole, Vegetarian Chili, Avgolemono, Potato and Broccoli Soup with Blue Cheese, Beef Borscht, Classic Chicken Noodle, Moroccan Lamb Stew, Kale, and White Bean Soup, Cream of Tomato Soup, Cioppino, Mussels in Tomato and Cream Broth, Roast Pork and Udon Noodle Soup and many more. 

The scrumptious recipes, colorful photographs, colorful foods, and daily culinary wisdom inside these magical pages are sure to satisfy a yearning for soup, no matter what day brings. If you like soup, this is the book for you!

9. The Soup Bible

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this delightful soup cookbook because it has all the soups you will need in only one inspirational collection. “The Soup Bible” has 200 recipes from around the world. Each recipe in this highly illustrated book contains clearly photographed step-by-step instructions and an enticing photograph of the finished dish. 

Review 📖

This comprehensive cookbook contains over 200 recipes from all around the world: from the classic Cream of Tomato to a spicy Louisiana Gumbo, a wealthy Italian Wild Mushroom Soup, to a hot Jalapeno-style soup from Mexico. Also featured here is a Moroccan Harira with lamb and chickpeas and a Caribbean Vegetable Soup with green bananas and yam. Some other soups include Fresh Tomato and Bean Soup, Tuscan Bean Soup, Farmhouse Soup, Pistou, and Ribollita, just to name a few. 

Divided into six chapters, “The Soup Bible” has tasty soups for every occasion: warming pottages, hearty broths, creamy chowders, rich bisques, classic consommés, chilled soups, and elaborate gumbos. Choose from light and refreshing soups to hearty winter warmers. The introduction highlights step-by-step recipes for a range of stocks, from vegetarian to beef and Japanese to seafood, to make nutritious and delicious bases for your soups. Garnishes are also suggested for the perfect finishing touches. 

All recipes are easy to follow, and there are no fancy ingredients to spend days looking for. This is just an honest, down-to-earth book of soups. So, if you are a big fan of soup, this is your essential guide to the art of soup-making and necessary addition to any kitchen. 

10. The Healing Soup Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The name of this lovely cookbook speaks for itself. “The Healing Soup Cookbook” is your complete and comprehensive guide to discovering the health benefits of soups. Not only do these soups make perfect meals on their own, but they are also full of fresh and healthy ingredients that can combat inflammation and boost your immune system!

Review 📖

“The Healing Soup Cookbook” is more than a recipe book. This cookbook will give you a masterclass on combining delicious flavors and good nutrition to heal and nourish your body. You are guaranteed to enjoy all of these tasty soups and stews for energy, digestion, and immune system benefits. 

This beautiful soup cookbook is divided into eight chapters: Hearty and Healthy Soups; Stocks and Broths; Classics and Favorites; Vegetable Soups; Grain and Bean Soups; Fish and Shellfish Soups; Poultry Soups; and Meaty Soups and Stews. 

There are more than 90 delicious healthy soups and stews to choose from. From Tomato Soup to Chili and Asian Noodle Bowls, these tasty one-pot dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings – as well as help you heal with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some other recipes include Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Creamy White Bean and Rosemary Soup, Beef and Barley Soup, Miso Soup, Cajun Shrimp Gumbo, Greek Lemon Soup, Moroccan Lamb Stew, Kimchi Veggie Soup, Gazpacho, Manhattan Clam Chowder, and many more. 

Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Whether your favorite is Miso Soup, Clam Chowder, Taco, or another of the hundreds of soups out there, soups and stews reign supreme, these one-pot meals will provide essential nutrition, comfort, and wellness in one healthy bowl.  

Food for Thought

If you are looking for the best soup cookbooks, be sure to keep an eye out for these titles. From old-time favorite classics and elegant seafood soups to Keto soups and other healthy options, there is something here for everyone. Choose from the 10 best soup cookbooks carefully selected for all soup lovers out there!

What is Soup Cuisine?

The world contains countless cuisines, techniques, and ingredients. Those differences might be due to availability, religious beliefs, etc., but there is no debate that food varies drastically from culture to culture. But there is one thing that bonds them all – every single culture has some form of soup.

However, what culture thinks of soup also varies. They can be thick or thin, can feature seafood, meat, or vegetables, and can even be clarified with gastronomic ingredients, as consommé is. Whatever they contain, soups have been around for some time. Broths show up in the historical records around the year of 1000 CE, and in the 15t century, soup dishes known as potages became a staple in the lives of peasants around the world. In fact, soups are such a vital part of what we eat that the word stems from the same Latin word that supper does: suppare. 

At first, soups were classified based on their viscosity, whether they were thick or thin. Then the Larousse Gastronomique, an encyclopedia of cuisine, subdivided light soups into nourishing broth, bouillon, consommé, those served with or without the garnish, and soups that were served hot or cold. Thick soups were categorized as cream, puree, and velouté. Later on, to deal with the popularity of bouillabaisse – the famous Provencal soup created by a fisherman in Marseille – Larousse added a separate category for soups featuring fish. 

So, the soup subject is deep and endless, and chefs worldwide do not cease to stop surprising us with their variations and modifications of classic, contemporary, eclectic, and exotic soups that can be found in these 10 best soup cookbooks. They are a must-have for every soup lover. 

Soups came to be known as something that promotes healing – so much so that they essentially were the health care system until the advent of modern medicine. Even in the hardest of times, soup has always been a source of comfort. In times of emotional stress, soup can evoke feelings of warmth, happiness, satisfaction, and human connection. 

This is true in any culture. Here are a few examples of popular comfort soups in countries around the globe. 

United States of America: Tomato Soup (with Grilled Cheese), Corn Chowder, Seafood Chowder, and Chicken Soup. 

Poland: Clear Beetroot Soup with Pierogi, Hunter’s Stew, and Goulash. 

Russia: Borscht, Cold Vegetable Soup, and Pickled Soup.

Philippines: Coconut Dessert Soup, Beef Bone and Marrow Soup, and Pork Offal Soup

Japan: Ramen, Udon, and Miso Soup

Hungary: Clear Broth with Noodles and Vegetables, Stuffed Cabbage Soup, and Goulash 

France: Consomme, Bouillabaise, Bisque and French Onion Soup 

Canada: Pea Soup, Seafood Chowder, Chicken Soup with Matzo, Tomato Soup (with Grilled Cheese)

Great Britain: Beef Stew with Dumplings, Brown Windsor Soup, Irish Stew, Potato, Leek, and Stilton Stew 

Australia and New Zealand: Chicken Soup, Lamb and Vegetable Soup, Irish Stew, Pea, and Ham Soup, Pumpkin Soup

Greece: Avgolemono (Egg and Lemon Soup), Fassoulatha (Bean Soup)

Soup dishes are eaten all over the world, but this list will give you some insights into what kinds of soups are famous around the globe. 

What is Soup cooking like? 

Soups provide subtle taste sensations that few other foods can match. They can be consumed hot or cold, thin or thick, and lend themselves to combination with a huge variety of dishes. Iced soups are perfect for entertaining on a hot summer night. They should be freezing, so you are advised to chill the bowls as well as the tureen. Garnish a chilled soup with parsley or other chopped herbs, and add a swirl of cream. 

Thick soups make more substantial dishes and are often served as meals in themselves. They are generally cooked more slowly than other soups and are simmered for longer to soften cheaper cuts of meat and blend the flavors of the vegetables- usually root vegetables. Classic soups such as vichyssoise, Scotch broth, or minestrone need not conform exactly to the original. Try varying the ingredients: experiment with cream, lemon juice, and extra vegetables, and alter the soup’s texture by using a sieve or blender. 

For an impressive presentation, serve your guests a rich pumpkin soup in the pumpkin shell. Make a fried Chinese won-ton soup or an ice-cold gazpacho for an exotic treat. Offer your family a nourishing split pea soup flavored with bacon, green onion, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. The possibilities are endless, and the results are rewarding. 

Ups with this easy keto cookbook featuring reimagined classics and creative new-inspired recipes. Serve up hearty, tasty soups with this easy keto cookbook featuring reimagined classics and creative new recipes.

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