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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the Phaidon Cookbooks

A little about me- I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

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Food and travel are naturally intertwined. You can explore the length and breadth of a destination simply by tasting its staples and delicacies. And wouldn’t it be better if you could travel across the globe and bring all the flavors to your kitchen without having to spend a fortune? 

Phaidon Press can be a one-stop solution to satisfy both your meal cravings and wanderlust. From their global cookbook library, we have picked the ten best cookbooks that will virtually take you to the heart of every region around the world. 

So buckle up, folks! We are about to go on an exciting culinary adventure. 

You can’t miss our top 10 Phaidon Cookbooks! πŸ‘‡

1. The Silver Spoon

Why We Love It ❀️

The Silver Spoon undoubtedly deserves the top position on this list. It is considered to be the most celebrated, influential, and best-selling cookbook of all time. This cookbook is dedicated to Italian cuisine, which is highly admired across the globe. Contrary to popular belief, traditional Italian cuisine is so much more than just PizzaPesto, and Pasta. We believe that The Silver Spoon will forever be a source of endless inspiration for everyone who loves this fantastic cuisine.

Review πŸ“–

With a true Italian spirit, this cookbook honors the idea of the simplicity of execution and the combination of flavors. It features an exquisite collection of over 2,000 authentic recipes by some of the greatest Italian chefs, accompanied by 400 stunning images to keep you hooked. The recipes are thoughtfully organized, easy to follow, and suitable for home cooks of every skill level. Don’t let the thickness of this book astound you. It is absolutely rewarding to use and a must-have for all foodie enthusiasts. 

2. The Nordic Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

Next, we are taking you to the Nordic region. Authored by the former head chef of a Michelin two-star Swedish restaurant, this Phaidon cookbook is truly a glorious work of art. It is representative of what and how the people in the Nordic countries eat. We love the comprehensiveness of this book, but the author’s storytelling and minimalist writing style get the limelight. 

Review πŸ“–

From meat and vegetable dishes to pastries and desserts, The Nordic Cookbook covers both the famous and the lesser-known aspects of Nordic cuisine. It is comprised of over 700 authentic and well-crafted Nordic recipes suitable for every palate. This cookbook also gives a detailed insight into the Nordic cuisine culture, the history of the cuisine, and the geography of the region. Along with intriguing stories, the author has incorporated some images of the beautiful landscapes he captured while traveling across the region. The Nordic Cookbook is an absolute must-have for someone who finds bliss in cooking, traveling, and storytelling, so go ahead and add to the basket.

3. Japan, The Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

Next, we are taking you to Japan – the land of the rising sun. Japan has one of the most sophisticated and respected cooking cultures on this planet. This Phaidon cookbook is penned by a James Beard Award-nominated author and pays an excellent tribute to Japanese cuisine. It aims to demystify the traditional Japanese art of cooking, eating, and living in general. 

Review πŸ“–

With a classic bamboo wood-themed cover, Japan, The CookbookΒ is an elegant and comprehensive book with over 400 meticulously crafted recipes from different regions of Japan. The book is aesthetically pleasing to hold and read. It begins with a brief introduction followed by the history of Japanese cuisine. The recipes are organized by the ultimate preparation methods, making them easier to navigate. You can also find gorgeous photographs, information about the ingredients, and cooking tips with each recipe. Then there comes the best part. At the rear end of the book, you can find some recipes from famous Japanese chefs. Overall, it is one enticing cookbook to have in your kitchen.Β 

4. China, The Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

This is yet another phenomenal Phaidon cookbook that is dedicated to the world’s most popular cuisine. No food enthusiast can deny the brilliance and diversity of Chinese dishes. This cookbook is the chronicle of Chinese gastronomy and can be a useful guide for novices and expert cooks. 

Review πŸ“–

China, The Cookbook is a beautifully put-together book featuring more than 600 authentic Chinese recipes that turn out as expected. It begins with a brief overview of Chinese food culture, ancient cooking techniques and equipment, and the primary culinary regions of the country. There are not many food photographs to accompany the recipes. However, the instructions are clear enough for readers to imagine and create the art. The book is topped off with a range of recipes from famous Chinese chefs, which is an added treat. Anyone who enjoys the flavorful combination of ingredients in authentic Chinese food must own this monumental cookbook.  

5. Greece, The Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

Greece is a popular tourist destination, not merely for its captivating sceneries but also for its delicious and enticing cuisine. Greece, The Cookbook is yet another praiseworthy work of art by Phaidon and hands-down the most genuine Greek cookbook out there. Authored by a true advocate of traditional Greek cookery, this book can be a reliable addition to your cookbook collection. 

Review πŸ“–

This oversized Phaidon cookbook features a fascinating collection of traditional recipes from different regions across Greece. Besides the fact that there are nearly 230 stunning visual elements, not every recipe has a photograph to accompany it. However, the written description of each and every cooking technique applied is extremely helpful in producing the ideal results. This cookbook also includes information on regional staples and delicacies, locally available ingredients, and the religious and historical significance of the featured dishes. Overall, this encyclopedic book appears to have every Greek recipe you can think of. 

6. The Arabesque Table

Why We Love It ❀️

This Phaidon cookbook attempts to capture the essence of ancient Arabic cuisine with a modern twist. The Arabesque Table is a one-of-a-kind cookbook that illuminates the rich history of the Arab world, cross-cultural relationships, and the evolution of Arab dishes over the years. We highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who is interested in exploring the flavors of the East. 

Review πŸ“–

From Jewish Challah to Palestinian Maqlubeh, The Arabesque Table is a graceful compilation of 130 contemporary Arabic recipes. The recipes are categorized by primary ingredients. You can find a hefty number of vegetarian options as well. The author has also incorporated some of her personal stories and inspiration behind each dish. It is a well-researched cookbook that can be enjoyed as a leisurely read or help you throw a traditional Arabic feast for your family and friends.

7. India, The Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

Next up, we are traveling to India – the land of spices. This Phaidon cookbook is basically The Silver Spoon of Indian gastronomy. Every page of this book is filled with rich, diverse, and vibrant flavors of the subcontinent. If you have a decent level of familiarity with Indian cuisine, this cookbook will pleasantly astound you and make you want to travel all the way to India to try its delectable food. 

Review πŸ“–

From Curry and Naan to North Indian and South Indian cuisine, this comprehensive cookbook has something for everyone. It offers an extensive collection of over a thousand recipes from all parts of the subcontinent. Each recipe has its origin region, estimated cooking time, and serving size. This cookbook remains true to India’s traditional ingredients and cooking methods and attempts to preserve its unique culinary heritage. You can also learn to make traditional Indian spice blends using this book. Although the photography in this book is limited, it is exceptionally illustrative and visually appealing. This cookbook might seem a little intimidating at first, but it’s an absolute keeper and an Indian food lover’s bible. 

8. Australia, The Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

Next, we are taking you to the land of Kangaroos. Australia is a melting pot of different cultures from all over the world. Hence its cuisine is not diverse. Australia, The Cookbook pays an excellent tribute to the evolution of Australian cuisine, from the ancient Aboriginal times to the modern multicultural present. This Phaidon cookbook is more like a warm-fuzzy hug to an Aussie away from home and a must-have for every food enthusiast. 

Review πŸ“–

Australia, The Cookbook is basically a comprehensive history book with recipes littered in, yet there is so much to cook! The book begins with an introduction to the Indigenous Australian food and culture. It showcases a collection of 350 classic and contemporary dishes which are not necessarily Australian in origin but have been adopted with each wave of migration. A significant number of illustrations are also included in the book, and there is a bonus section of recipes by some renowned Australian chefs. This is the kind of cookbook you can treasure for a long time. 

9. The Latin American Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

It’s time for the Latino world. Authored by a globally renowned Peruvian chef, Virgilio MartΓ­nez, and praised by the legendary Michelin Star chef, Gordon Ramsey, The Latin American Cookbook is an absolute masterpiece. It covers each and every aspect of traditional Latin American cuisine. It is unarguably one of the best cookbooks, which has locked the vibrant flavors of an entire region in less than 500 pages. 

Review πŸ“–

To begin with, the amount of research reflected on every page of The Latin American Cookbook is worth appreciating. This encyclopedic book features a plethora of recipes – more than 600- belonging to different regions of Latin America. The recipes are divided into primary ingredients, such as lamb or maize, accompanied by stunning photographs. This cookbook also gives an insight into the rich culinary history of the region and how its cuisine was shaped by various food cultures over the decades. Overall, an enlightening book that can take you on a virtual trip to the Latino world.  

10. United Tastes of America: An Atlas of Food Facts & Recipes from Every State!

Why We Love It ❀️

And how can we forgo the tastes of our beloved homeland? Last but not least, we have the United Tastes of America, which is a unique Phaidon cookbook for both children and adults. This beautifully illustrated cookbook encourages all home cooks to include their kids in every aspect of meal preparation. Cooking with children is not only beneficial for their early-age personality development, but it also helps in creating countless family memories in the kitchen. 

Review πŸ“–

This oversized cookbook features signature recipes from each state in the USA. The recipes are accompanied by colorful and detailed visual elements. Each state is introduced in an interesting format; a one-page commentary that combines its history, geographical information, food culture, and local communities. The book also educates its readers with an introduction to working in the kitchen, different cooking tips, a glossary-styled format with a description of kitchen tools, and many food-related facts specific to each state. This is the best Phaidon cookbook for families who like to cook and learn together and all of the pages are beautiful.

Final Thoughts

If you love collecting informative cookbooks, just like every foodie out there, make sure you go along with our recommendations using our website. All of the above-listed cookbooks will not only turn you into an excellent home cook but also introduce you to wonderful flavors of the world. Phaidon and its partner services can be your ticket to a round-the-world culinary journey. And you never know, you might end up savoring delectable Sushi from Japan while your family falls in love with Tamales from MexicanThere’s only one way to find out!

FAQ on Phaidon Press

What is Phaidon?

Phaidon Press is a globally renowned publisher of numerous international best-seller books with headquarters located in London and New York City. Phaidon has sold nearly 42 million books on art, architecture, design, fashion, food, and photography in more than 100 countries like Ireland

Why do people love these cookbooks so much? 

Amongst the book-lover communities, Phaidon Press has firmly established itself as a publisher of top-notch quality and well-crafted format hardback size books in different genres, especially on food and beverage. It has collaborated with the world’s greatest chefs and graphic designers to curate a wide range of impressive cookbooks for both novices and expert chefs. Their cookbooks are mostly huge in size but always easy to handle and pleasurable to work with in the kitchen. The site uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience; you just need to sign up for offers and news and add to your basket what you need; with all specifications, they will help with your order, and soon it will become on the website you agree to see every day.

Phaidon Informative cookbooks?

Besides their national classics and global collection, Phaidon’s cookbooks can be split into several other categories. You can also find specialist cookbooks from Phaidon which are dedicated to a particular cooking technique or ingredient, such as Fish: Recipes from the Sea and The Art of French Baking. Like these books, there are collaborative and restaurant-inspired Phaidon books that showcase the delicacies from some of the best restaurants in the world, such as Noma and Breakfast, Lunch, and Tea.

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