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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through Hawaiian Cookbooks.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Hawaiian Cuisine

The first thought of Hawaii for most people is about pleasant weather, great parties, sandy beaches, and crystal clear water, but many don’t understand that Hawaiian cuisine is exceptional. The only way to learn more about it is by having at least one Hawaiian cookbook. Of course, you can always go and taste the food, but why not bring Hawaii to your home?

We have selected the Top 10 Hawaiian Cookbooks that will make you an expert! 👇

1. Aloha Kitchen: Recipes from Hawaii

Why We Love It ❤️

The title sure is catchy, but the biggest reason we got fond of this Hawaiian cookbook is that it has all the essential info about Hawaiian cooking techniques and styles. Everything from authentic appetizers to classy dinners is here, created in a unique style and writing.

Review 📖

If your goal is to bring the atmosphere of Hawaii to your home, this cookbook is the best way to do so for several reasons. The first one is that it provides a real insight into the cultural heritage of Hawaii, and you can really learn a thing or two about Hawaiian people. The second reason is the author because Kysar shares with you authentic recipes that local people use. Easy-to-follow instructions and guides are in the third place, and as the fourth main reason, the ingredients you’ll need, along with what to use as a replacement for them, are thoroughly described.

2. Easy Hawaiian Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

When the cookbook is all about the food, and when it’s based solely on authentic meals of some country or region, then such cookbook must be on our list, which is precisely the case with this Hawaiian cookbook. It has all the important information and precise instructions, and what’s even more important, it is written in a way that you can almost taste some dishes while going through the recipe.

Review 📖

The best way to learn about the culture of some regions is by learning more about their food, and since this cookbook is focused on genuine Hawaiian dishes, you’ll have no trouble understanding what Hawaii is all about. Besides that, the tips and tricks locals use will soon become a common practice for your artwork in the kitchen, regardless of where you are.

3. The Poke Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

Even those who think they know everything about how to prepare fish will find at least one recipe or tip that they didn’t know before. Of course, for someone like us, with far less knowledge, these tips brought a whole new light on how to cook and prepare food.

Review 📖

The title says it all, but even though Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, this cookbook is much more than just that. Namely, it covers different approaches and techniques used in Hawaii, along with some tips on how to make almost any Hawaiian dish for vegetarians. It is a pretty handy tool to have in your kitchen, and it will surely add something special to your cooking overall.

4. Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The word barbecue is sacred to some people, including us, and the fact that this cookbook is on our list says a lot about the recipes you can find here. Of course, the central part is reserved for the barbecue, but there are also tips and those little tricks Hawaiians use that make every dish taste much better.

Review 📖

The looks aren’t everything, but here, perfectly timed and illustrated cooking jokes fit flawlessly into the cookbook. It is one of a kind Hawaiian cookbook, and the recipes on how to prepare an authentic Hawaiian barbecue will help you charm your way into the hearts of your loved ones with food. One thing is certain, and this cookbook will surely bring you to tears, and no, the onion will not be the reason.

5. Roy’s Feasts from Hawaii

Why We Love It ❤️

The preparation process might seem difficult, but only at first, as you can do no wrong if you just follow clear instructions. It has a recipe for every authentic Hawaiian meal, from an entrée to desserts.

Review 📖

The author is a recognized chef owning a chain of restaurants across the country, but this cookbook was his greatest gift to the people. Not only that you can make a special delicious soufflé at your home, but it will also taste the same as the one you would get at one of Roy’s restaurants. There are more than 150 recipes, and even if you are not fond of Hawaiian cuisine, you will surely find something to tickle your taste buds.

6. Cook Real Hawai’i

Why We Love it ❤️

When the book can teach you how to cook some of the most amazing Hawaiian dishes, and besides that, you can read more about their culture and heritage, it is worth having it in a collection.

Review 📖

This excellent cookbook is written by a two-time finalist of the Top Chef cooking show and contains more than 100 recipes and high-quality photographs that we can easily make at home and enjoy Hawaiian cuisine.

7. Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands

Why We Love It ❤️

This book is more than a cookbook because it contains more than just recipes. If we decide to read it, we can understand the importance of the food for Hawaiian people, its diversity and origins, and learn more about the culture.

Review 📖

This book has everything, from the origins of a certain food to stories, interviews with farmers and chefs, and recipes for amazing dishes. It celebrates the Hawaiian culture and heritage and tells the story of how the food fits there and why it is so important.

8. Sam Choy’s Little Hawaiian Poke Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

If you want to prepare something quick and truly Hawaiian, then there is no better choice than poke. This little cookbook can be a lifesaver when you are in a hurry but want to prepare a delicious meal for your guests or family.

Review 📖

Sam Choy is a real Hawai’i ambassador of poke, and although this amazing dish is usually made of raw seafood, there are many variations, and many various ingredients can be used, so he collected more than 30 recipes and presented them in this Hawaiian cookbook. There is a perfect poke for every person, and there is no doubt that the recipe can be found in this book.

9. Hawaii’s Best Local Dishes

Why We Love It ❤️

This is one of the best Hawaiian cookbooks for people who want to bring authentic dishes from Hawaii right to their tables. All of them are easy to follow, so there is no need to worry, even if you are not so good at the kitchen but eager to learn.

Review 📖

With more than 140 recipes shared by friends and family, this Hawaiian cookbook is everything you need to have to prepare tasteful Hawaiian dishes. Most of them can be prepared in less than half an hour, which is perfect for busy people who love to enjoy homemade meals.

10. Little Hawaiian Ohana Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

For Hawaiian people, food represents more than just eating something to survive the day; for them, food and family go together. This book contains a variety of whole meals that can gather friends and family around the table and make them enjoy.

Review 📖

Besides more than thirty recipes perfect for gatherings with people we love, this Hawaiian cookbook contains many tips and secrets on preparing them to taste better than ever.

Final Thoughts

As you have probably noticed, there are so many Hawaiian cookbooks out there, but this list should help you find the best one for you. There really is something for everyone, and you simply cannot make a mistake when picking a Hawaiian cookbook, as Hawaiian cuisine, in general, is exceptional and mouthwatering. No matter what you buy, it is impossible to get it wrong because all of them contain some of the best Hawaiian recipes. Thanks to easy-to-follow writing and photographs, everyone can become a chef in their kitchen and enjoy preparing tasty meals for friends and family. In the end, food and family go hand-by-hand for Hawaiian people, and gathering around the table and having quality time is all that matter.

Hawaiian Worldwide

There is no doubt that Hawaiian cuisine is one of a kind, a unique mixture of many other cuisines, thanks to many ingredients brought by immigrant laborers and their combination with the ones that have already existed on the islands. Thanks to that, Hawaiian dishes have flavors of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, and many other countries combined into one-of-a-kind cuisine. Thanks to the diverse history of food in Hawaii, we now have five different styles of food incorporated into one remarkable cuisine.

Hawaiian Recipes

Thanks to the diverse history of food in Hawaii, we now have five different styles of food incorporated into one remarkable cuisine, including Southeast Asian and Portuguese. When we speak about the diverse cuisine, full of amazing tastes, such as the Hawaiian one, it is impossible to choose only a few recipes worth mentioning since there are too many of them. Thanks to the variety of ingredients, there is a perfect dish for every person, but some of the most popular ones are Laulau, Loco Moco, Poi, and many others that you should try at least once in a lifetime. Almost every recipe can be found in some of the best Hawaiian cookbooks, and there is no doubt that even the pickiest people will find their favorite.

Hawaiian Cooking Treasures

There are various techniques that Hawaiian people use to achieve the unique taste of their dishes, and some of them are different than the ones we are used to. Imu is an underground oven that turns everything into a fantastic meal. Poke represents a meal based on raw seafood, but there are many variations that one should try. If you are a fish lover, one of the best ways to prepare it is the ko’ala method, in which you put it on hot coals and wait. Another method is pulehu, with one small difference, instead of hot coals, we use hot ashes.

Hawaiian Ingredients

Hawaiian cuisine is vibrant, as uniquely mixing several types of food is the trademark here. There is no other cuisine in the world that it can be compared to, and the masterpiece, a Laulau, is something you simply must try. Regardless of whether you are fond of fish, pork, vegetables, or fruits, it also can be a vegan paradise. There is at least one authentic Hawaiian meal that you will fall in love with. Yes, seafood, authentic tropical cooking, and beef have a central role, but Hawaiian cuisine is much richer as it is a fusion of ethnic culinary influences. Take sweet potato as an example, the way it’s used differs from one meal to another, and what’s even more critical, its taste varies too.

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