10 Garlic Cookbooks You Need in Your Life 🧄

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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the Garlic Cookbooks.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Garlic lovers, tasty recipes, and much flavor!

When we think of pantry staples, garlic, the capital of the flavor, is right up there with oil, salt, and black pepper. Almost every dish we make seems to include a few cloves. It is a significant source of flavor that can be smeared with butter onto crusty slices of bread, tossed in pasta, or blended into dips, among its many uses. It is, without a doubt, a common ingredient in many of our favorite dishes. Garlic’s flavor and aroma, which are used either raw or cooked, are pungent and vary based on how they are cooked. Although garlic is typically sautéed with onions in many cuisines, it can also be roasted, infused in oils, included in spice rubs, or mixed in and eaten raw in salad dressings. The possibilities are aplenty. And just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best garlic cookbooks highlighting this flavor powerhouse.

Here are 10 Garlic Cookbooks to increase the flavor of every meal! 👇

1. Garlic

Why We Love It ❤️

This garlic cookbook is packed not just with recipes but with great photos and facts about garlic too. It caters to a diverse audience of diners because of its incredible selection of international dishes. It’s a delightful read for both seasoned and amateur cooks who are enthusiasts of the unassuming bulb of flavor.

Review 📖

It’s not surprising that garlic has been used to elevate dishes since ancient times because of the powerful punch of flavor it gives to recipes. Cooks use it to complement and accentuate other ingredients and sometimes even use it as the main ingredient. Depending on how it is prepared and the variety used, the depth and aroma of garlic can vary. The author’s recipes cover a wide range of delightful options, from snacks to meat, poultry and fish dishes, as well as pasta and bread. Through this garlic cookbook, you’ll also learn how to make beloved classics like Aioli, Spaghetti Alle Vongole, Garlic and Anchovy Roast Lamb, and Boeuf Bourguignon, and experiment with some fusion dishes as well. Insight-packed essays and anecdotes are also included to give you a deeper understanding of this humble yet essential ingredient.

2. Totally Garlic Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

This garlic cookbook will help you make accessible, foolproof favorites. The directions are stated clearly, simply, and approachable without sacrificing flavor. The recipes are basic enough for everyday meals, but there are a few dishes that will be fantastic for special occasions. The size of this cookbook may be small, but the flavors it contains are gargantuan.

Review 📖

The Totally Garlic Cookbook features 40 fantastic recipes for hearty foods like Garlic Herb Focaccia, Pork Roast with Garlic and Sage, Roast Chicken with Garlic and Herbs, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and a whole lot more certified crowd-pleasers. The recipes are easy to follow and attainable to prepare for cooks of any skill level. Aside from the recipes, it also includes some helpful kitchen tips and tricks for enhancing the flavors of the dishes, as well as some interesting facts about garlic. Get your own copy and see how garlic takes center stage in this 95-page handy pocket-sized garlic cookbook.

3. The Stinking Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook is more than just a garlic cookbook; it’s memorabilia. Those who are native to San Francisco would agree with San Francisco Magazine when it says that it’s the one and only unparalleled place in The Golden City to get your garlic fix. This cookbook shares some of their well-loved recipes and a few others that highlight garlic. Whether you’re a fan of the restaurant or not, this cookbook will surely be a delight for you to read.

Review 📖

The Stinking Rose Cookbook is full of hearty California-Italian fare for the garlic lover in all of us. Garlic-Encrusted Baby Back Ribs, Garlic Lamb, Savory Garlic Noodles, and even Garlic Ice Cream will please both die-hard garlic fans and those who prefer just a gentle hint of the bulb. This unique cookbook is a garlic-flavored collection of the most popular dishes from The Stinking Rose, the garlic lover’s epicenter with locations in San Francisco and Beverly Hills. It will fill every kitchen with the aroma of “the stinking rose,” living up to the restaurant’s motto, “We season our garlic with food.” It includes 65 recipes and 45 stunning photographs of the food and the restaurant’s whimsical décor. The first Stinking Rose opened in North Beach, an Italian neighborhood in San Francisco, and quickly gained notoriety for serving more than 3,000 pounds of garlic per month.

4. Complete Garlic Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The much-awaited Gilroy Festival may be canceled for the foreseeable future, as per the San Francisco Chronicle, but its spirit and tradition live on through this amazing collection of over 400 garlic-centric recipes. It’s a combined collection of tried and tested and award-winning recipes so that you can expect stellar dishes every time. This is the one book you’ll reach for time and time again to satisfy every garlic craving you’ll have.

Review 📖

All of the recipes from The Garlic Lover’s Cookbook Volumes I and II, as well as prize-winning recipes from the Great Garlic Cookoff over the years, are now available in one handy volume. This garlic cookbook has over 400 recipes that combine Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, and all-American flavors. This stunning collection is as fresh and zesty as ever. It includes recipes from around the world, a garlic index, suggestions on selection, storage and preservation tips, and so much more. Recipes for garlic-infused appetizers, soups, salads, egg dishes, pasta, rice, vegetables, grilled meat, poultry, seafood, bread, and sauces are included in this wonderful book.

5. Glorious Garlic

Why We Love It ❤️

The recipes in Glorious Garlic: A Cookbook are undeniably delicious and sure to make it onto your list of must-cook dishes. The recipes in the cookbook are Italian with a bit of American flair and can be made easily on a weeknight without sacrificing flavor—garlic flavor, of course! The dishes are satisfying, savory, hearty, and sure to please.

Review 📖

This garlic cookbook, Glorious Garlic, is drawn from the author’s Italian heritage. She showcases 130 sumptuous recipes she has collated over the years; some even passed down from generation to generation. Some of the mouthwatering recipes you’ll find are stuffed calamari, Ratatouille Fromage, and rosemary and garlic chicken. In addition to that, a substantial amount of information on garlic’s background and history is also included, along with nutritional facts and some gardening and storage tips too.

6. The Garlic Lovers’ Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

If you love to cook with garlic, this really is the book for you! This garlic cookbook illustrates how garlic, a flavor powerhouse, can truly enhance recipes, whether as a side ingredient or as the star. Since it is a carefully chosen selection of the best and most award-winning recipes from the Gilroy Garlic Festival, you could argue that the recipes in this cookbook are the best of the best. These tried-and-true recipes are simple to prepare and will have you cooking in the kitchen in no time.

Review 📖

Over 125,000 garlic farmers and gourmands flock to Gilroy, California, on the final weekend of July for three savory days of sun, fun, and fantastic food. The Gilroy Garlic Festival has drawn both pro and amateur cooks since 1978, with the Great Garlic Cook-Off Contest putting their culinary skills to the test. The fruits of their labor (or, rather, bulbs) fill the pages of this garlic cookbook, The Garlic Lover’s Cookbook, with a dizzying array of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, and all-American flavors. This stunning compilation of over 200 dishes is as vibrant and flavorful as ever.

7. AGLIO: Garlic Lovers Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

This garlic cookbook may be small, but the recipes it offers more than make up for it. It features recipes for bases such as marinades and rubs, dips, appetizers, garlic bread made in a toaster oven, soups, side dishes, entrees, and even garlic desserts such as Black Garlic Truffles. Intrigued yet? Come on and get yourself a copy of AGLIO with no missing pages.

Review 📖

If you enjoy cooking with garlic, AGLIO Garlic Lovers Cookbook is for you. Garlic is flavorful and has numerous proven health advantages, and this garlic cookbook will teach you dozens of ways to incorporate more of its natural healing qualities into your everyday meals. Garlicky Cheese Biscuits and Garbanzo and Garlic Soup are two hearty favorites here. Look for the recipes for Classic Caesar Salad, Garlic and Herb Dressing, and Garlic Croutons as well. This book has a multitude of different garlic-centric and ethnic dishes. And if you’re feeling daring, try one of the intriguing new recipes, such as Garlic Lemon Sorbet.

8. The Garlic Gulch Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The Garlic Gulch Cookbook includes exciting fusion recipes that will delight and comfort anyone. It’s a great resource for weeknight meals, but it also has recipes for special occasions or holidays. The instructions are simple to follow, and the ingredients are not difficult to source. It’s a useful cookbook to have in the kitchen.

Review 📖

South Seattle, the birthplace of this book, is a diverse community. Garlic Gulch got its name from the area’s large Italian American population. The author primarily loves to cook Italian American recipes, and he is also influenced by many cultures from both the East and the West. This garlic cookbook assumes you know how to cook, so expect that the recipes are designed for someone with some kitchen experience. Orange Burst Cauliflower with Cheese Cracker Crust, Chicken Katsu, Cellophane Noodle Pho, Dandelion Syrup, Spicy Japanese Egg, Hot Italian Sausage, Smoked Jalapeno Antipasto, Garlic Bread, Lasagna, Potato Latkes, Garlic Gulch Marinara, and many more recipes can be found in The Garlic Gulch Cookbook. This book simply proves that garlic is a star in a range of cuisines.

9. A Delectable Garlic Cookbook for Health Nuts!

Why We Love It ❤️

A Delectable Garlic Cookbook for Health Nuts is not only a garlic cookbook but also an informative book that discusses the benefits and uses of the key ingredient. The dishes are simple to learn and execute, and they beautifully accentuate the flavors of garlic. If you want to learn more about garlic, this is a wonderful option to consider.

Review 📖

There are a great number of reasons to get started on cooking garlic right now, and this garlic cookbook, A Delectable Garlic Cookbook for Health Nuts, is a great place to start. The discovery of the benefits of garlic dates back to ancient times and has proven to be a true natural medicine over the centuries. What a great plus, in addition to the fact that this humble bulb is already a powerhouse of flavor all on its own. This book contains colorful recipes that highlight garlic as a star and also has a plethora of interesting information about it.

10. The Get Your Garlic On Show Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

The author of this cookbook shows great commitment and enthusiasm through her recipes in this garlic cookbook. As you browse through the pages, you’ll see how she’s an expert in her field. For a garlic lover, her easy-to-understand and follow recipes are sure to be a hit. With food brimming to the top with flavor and with health in mind, this is a winner on our list.

Review 📖

The Get Your Garlic On Show Cookbook is the personal experience of the author, Shari Borkin, as she finds her way to creating her very own cooking show. In this garlic cookbook, she features 28 flavor-packed unique garlic recipes with a complete set that you will surely love. Most of the dishes are gluten-free and vegetarian side dishes, delightful appetizers, refreshing salad dressings, comforting soups, dazzling dips, and desserts—yes, desserts! The selection of recipes veers towards those who are health-conscious and those who want to inject more wholesome options into their weekly meals. It depends on privacy preferences about how much garlic to eat! Video cooking demonstrations of the recipes are also available on the author’s Youtube channel.

Final Thoughts

Given everything that has been written on the list of the best garlic cookbooks above, it is reasonable to assume that garlic is a universally essential ingredient, even magical for some, as said in a BBC feature. Garlic is incredibly flavorful and has enormous health advantages, and may this carefully curated collection of garlic cookbooks inspire you to incorporate more garlic into your daily meals.

Choosing Garlic

Garlic should be plump and firm, with tight silky skins and its paper-like covering intact, rather than mushy, soft, or withered. A garlic bulb typically contains ten to twenty individual garlic cloves, which are consequently protected by delicate skin. While preparing the garlic clove for easy cooking, look for and remove any green sprouts from the heart of the clove, as the sprouts give off an unpleasant bitterness. You don’t want that in your dish.

Storing and Preserving Garlic

Whole and intact garlic bulbs can last for up to 3 to 4 months, and individual cloves for 5 to 10 days when kept in a cool, dry place. When storing garlic, remember that moisture is its primary enemy, so don’t store it inside the refrigerator nor near the sink, or anywhere that will risk it getting wet, for that matter. One other way of prolonging the shelf life of garlic is by freezing it. Below are some options you can try, as featured on What’s Cooking America, a trusted culinary resource.

Freeze it whole, intact, and unpeeled. Just remove the cloves one by one as you need them.

Chop or crush the garlic, tightly wrap it, then freeze. Grate or break it into pieces when you’re about to use it.

Peel the whole cloves of garlic and purée them in a blender or mini food processor, using two parts oil to 1 part garlic, and freeze.

Peel the garlic cloves and cover them with oil, then freeze until ready to use.

Cooking with Garlic

When sautéing garlic in oil, avoid overheating the cooking oil. Be careful not to overcook or brown it. If it is overdone, it will taste bitter. Minced garlic normally cooks in under a minute. Also, when cooking simply garlic with onions, it’s best to start with the onions. You can add the garlic when the onions are almost done.

It’s also worth remembering that the amount of garlic flavor in your dish will vary depending on how finely you chop, mince, or puree the garlic. If you want a prominent garlic flavor, purée or mince the garlic; if you want a more delicate flavor, sliver the clove. If you don’t like the pungent taste of garlic, try roasting it instead. The heat breaks down the allicin (an enzyme that is released when garlic is cut), thus mellowing its effortless nature flavor.

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