different types of green onions

Different Types of Green Onions

While not a particularly important crop commercially or economically in most parts of the world (and certainly nowhere near as widely cultivated as bulb or ‘standard’ onions), green onions are grown on every continent with the exception of Antarctica and are a favorite component of many and varied cuisines. They are most widely used in …

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153 Foods That Start With A

There are many foods that start with the letter A. Some of them you probably haven’t even heard of. Check out this below list of foods that start with A. Foods That Start with A 1) Abacha Abacha is an oilseed from an African plant. 2) Agbalumo Agbalumo (Nigeria fruit made of grated cassava and …

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32 Fruits that Start with G

After researching on fruits that start with G, we found out that there are many types of fruits that start with the letter G. These fruits include grapes, guavas, goiaba, goji berries and gooseberries just to name a few.   Here are 32 fruits that start with G. Fruits that Start with G 1 – …

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Trout vs Salmon

The biggest difference between trout and salmon is the taste, color, and texture. Trout has a much ‘drier’ (more firm) texture than salmon. Salmon is by far more popular in North America than trout and purchasing salmon is easier, however, both fish are amazing with their differences in flavoring. To cook trout you should make …

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22 Different Types of Bread

Bread is one of those foods that always just seems to be around. Most people have a loaf or two in their home pretty much all the time; it comes with our meals at restaurants, either separately or as a part of a sandwich; and many of us even bake it ourselves. A very basic …

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5 Pizza Alternatives

As a beloved dish in countries across the globe, pizza is one of the most popular foods around. This universally cherished dish dates back to Naples, Italy in the 18th century. It was there that pizza truly came into being as a convenient and inexpensive food for the busy working men. These original pizzas were …

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juicing recipe

Benefits of Juicing with Easy Recipes

You are what you eat!” This has become one of the most harped about phenomenon from the world of nutrition. Indeed your health is highly dependent on what you consume – as food or as beverage. Healthy eating is not as easy as it sounds. For this reason, the juicing diet has emerged as a …

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10 Different Types of Martinis

The martini is a classic American cocktail with timeless popularity. Made with varying proportions of gin and dry vermouth, the martini is an alcoholic beverage with endless variations. Figures throughout history, both real and fictional, have been known to adopt martinis as their drink of choice. One of the most widely recognized examples of this …

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13 Different Types of Rice Cookers

Rice has been consumed by human beings for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient civilizations of China and Africa. A simple food to prepare, the way that rice is cooked remained more or less unchanged until fairly recent times. Today, most of the rice that we purchase at the supermarket or health food …

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Can You Freeze Milk

If you want to save money with your dairy products then it’s a good idea to freeze milk. Depending what state you live in, milk can be quite expensive. For example, organic dairy milk in California can cost $7.50 a gallon. However, freezing milk helps you save money and extend its shelf life, and the …

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Free Freezer Meals Cookbook- Prepare 10 Healthy Meals in just 30 minutes