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Hi, I amΒ Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through Dumpling Cookbooks.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Dumplings: Everyone’s Favorite Asian Snack! πŸ₯’

Dumplings are the ultimate comfort food. Its crescent shape, crispy outer, and tender inside keep you drooling. It’s also the reason this Asian cuisine is consumed 1.88 times per year!

If you’re someone who enjoys munching on delicious dumplings, you might wonder how you can recreate the exciting flavors of dumplings. Luckily, you can discover unique dumpling recipes that are innovative in texture and appetizing in taste by checking out the top ten dumpling cookbooks.

Check our list of the Ten Dumpling Cookbooks to unlock mouth-watering and unique recipes

1. Let’s Make Dumplings!: A Comic Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

This unique dumpling cookbook is perfect for people who love cooking and comic books. This book’s unique art style and easy-to-follow recipes make it stand out.

The fun-filled and educational cookbook helps you create delicious dumplings while preserving the authentic taste of each region.Β 

Review πŸ“–

Let’s Make Dumplings by Chef Hugh Amano and comic artist Sarah Becan helps make dumpling cooking more fun! The unique approach to creating classic treats like wontons, potstickers, momos, and dumplings will help you learn faster. 

The expert guidance and colorful images aren’t the only things that make this cookbook fantastic. Once you open this dumpling cookbook, you’ll discover easy-to-follow cooking directions, like boiling and steaming. Furthermore, you can pick and prepare from our selected variety of sweet and savory recipes. One thing’s for sure: each recipe is bursting will flavor!

The best part of choosing Let’s Make Dumplings is that you can easily recreate the recipes with yummy fillings available in your home kitchen.

2. Dumplings and Noodles

Why We Love It ❀️

Dumplings and Noodles is the perfect dumpling cookbook for beginners and experts who want to learn the traditional way of making age-old Asian dishes.

The cookbook includes more than 70 recipes, quick tips, and cooking techniques to ensure you have a blast while recreating yummy recipes.

Review πŸ“–

Pippa Middlehurst’s dumpling cookbook is perfect for Asian food fanatics who want to unlock traditional cooking methods. Each recipe includes colorful illustrations, an easy-to-follow instructional guide, and a list of common substitutes to make cooking classic Asian recipes in modern kitchens an easy task.

The best part? You can find many recipes, including barbecue pork bao, miso ramen, lamb biang biang, dan dan mian, chili oil wontons, and more! Follow Pippa Middlehurst’s tips and tricks to create yummy dumplings to satisfy your hunger. 

3. Dumplings All Day Wong

Why We Love It ❀️

We highly recommend this dumpling cookbook for newbies who want to learn the different types of Asian dumplings. You can recreate hundreds of recipes in your home kitchen without leaving behind the distinctive Asian flavors.

You’ll also discover colorful illustrations highlighting each step, including how to fold a dumpling perfectly!

Review πŸ“–

Learn to cook steamed, pan-fried, and baked dumplings with Chef Lee Anne Wong. Her dumpling cookbook Dumplings All Day Wong helps you discover different ways to fold dumplings, such as Potstickers, Har Gow, Wontons, Gyozas, Shumai, and more.

The incredible cookbook includes a comprehensive list of kitchen utensils you’ll need to create dumplings, a quick introduction, detailed recipes, and vibrant illustrations. Start cooking yummy, one-of-a-kind dumplings by following the advice of Lee Anne Wong.

This cookbook will find unique and flavorful recipes like Pork and Chive Dumplings, Ginger Crab Rangoon Dumplings with Sweet and Sour Sauce, and more!

4. This is a Book About Dumplings

Why We Love It ❀️

“This is Book About Dumplings” is perfect for newbies who’ve just entered the world of dumplings. The well-curated and detailed recipes will help you make yummy dumplings from scratch.

You won’t have trouble recreating your favorite dumpling recipes with Brendan Pang’s fantastic advice.

Review πŸ“–

It is a detailed cookbook to help you create hit Asian dumplings. The traditional and contemporary dumplings, matched with yummy sauces, help you make your favorite Asia treats. 

The simple recipes break down each step to ensure cooking dumpling is a fun and easy process for you. Since Brandon Pang wrote this book to help introduce the world to his Grandmother’s mouth-watering Chinese dumplings, you’ll find classic Chinese-style recipes. 

But that’s not all! You can also try new creations like BBQ Pork Steamed Buns, Tea-Smoked Duck Breast, Spicy Dan Dan Noodles, and more!

5. Asian Dumplings: Mastering, Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More

Why We Love It ❀️

This innovative dumpling cookbook is jam-packed with mouth-watering dumpling recipes. With this book, you’ll learn to cook dumpling recipes from around the world by following Andrea Ngyuen’s expert guidance.

Her detailed recipes will make you an expert dumpling Chef within a few weeks! With over 75 recipes, this cookbook helps Western buyers create authentic Asian cuisines.Β 

Review πŸ“–

Start cooking wrapped, rolled, and filled Asian dumplings that fill your house with a delicious aroma and make your taste buds dance with Andrea Nguyen’s easy-to-follow recipes. This dumpling cookbook includes 75 recipes that help you create steamed, fried, and baked dumplings with minimum effort. 

The best part? Asian Dumplings entails sections categorized by type, such as wheat pasta, buns, pastries, etc., to help you find a recipe according to your mood. Throughout the cookbook, you’ll discover Asian dumpling recipes from Southern Asia, including China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

You’ll also find a section introducing you to the essential equipment and ingredients to start cooking dumplings. 

6. A World of Dumplings

Why We Love It ❀️

We recommend this cookbook for kitchen enthusiasts who enjoy creating dishes from different ethnicities. 

Follow Brian Yarvin to recreate authentic dumplings or your favorite street foods. This dumpling cookbook is a hit among newbies because of its easy-to-follow directions and detailed list of ingredients and utensils.

Review πŸ“–

Learn the easy way to recreate your favorite dumpling recipes by following photographer Brian Yarvin’s expert advice. With over 100 traditional and filled-pie recipes, this dumpling cookbook helps you imitate authentic cuisines from places like Flushing, Queens, and even Uzbekistan!

The colored and vibrant photographs of delicious dumplings illustrate the steps you need to follow to start making dough, steaming or frying your dumplings, and creating their fillings. The detailed list of ingredients and tips for finding rare ingredients saves you the trouble of looking confused in the supermarket.

7. Hey There, Dumpling!

Why We Love It ❀️

This dumpling cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about flavorful Asian treats, including dumplings, buns, and noodles. With over 100 recipes, this book includes easy-to-cook recipes with beautiful pictures. 

The step-by-step tutorials help you make the perfect dumpling to wow your family members and keep them asking for more!

Review πŸ“–

Hey There, Dumpling! is a cookbook for all dumpling lovers worldwide. The book contains mouth-watering classic Asian and modern recipes like Pork and Napa Cabbage, Spicy BBQ-Glazed Beef dumplings, etc.

In addition, the dumpling cookbook helps you make tangy, sweet, and spicy sauces, delicious noodles, crispy salads, and festive drinks to ensure you throw the party of the year! Kenny Lao’s in-depth book helps create the perfect dumpling shape with a crunchy texture and soft insides.  

8. Dumplings for Beginners

Why We Love It ❀️

We highly recommend this dumpling cookbook for beginners who want to explore the different flavors, textures, and shapes of dumplings. The book guides you to making authentic and mouth-watering Chinese dumplings at home with easy-to-follow recipes. 

In this fantastic cookbook, you can discover 50 dumpling recipes to create meals that keep your tummy full.

Review πŸ“–

Jump into the world of dumpling cooking by purchasing the book by Terri Dien named Dumplings for Beginners, which has 50 Recipes and Simple Step-by-Step Lessons to Make Your Favorite Dumplings. The cookbook includes dim sum classics alongside easy-to-follow instructions and guidance. 

Furthermore, this dumpling cookbook entails different topics to help you find a recipe that matches your taste. These include: 

  • Beef Recipes
  • Chicken Recipes
  • Pork Recipes
  • Soup Dumpling 
  • Cabbage Soup Recipe
  • Tomato Soup Recipe 
  • Mashed Potato Recipe

Food is the best way to show your love for your friends and family. You can cook dumplings as an evening snack, side meal, or midnight snack. You can also find recipes to cook soup sides and dipping sauces to complement your yummy Chinese dumplings. 

9. The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen

Why We Love It ❀️

We highly recommend this cookbook for people who follow a gluten-free diet or prefer eating healthy. This inclusive dumpling cookbook includes delicious gluten-free recipes that keep your friends and family asking for more!

In addition, the cookbook includes kitchen utensils and grocery items you’ll need to make the cooking process straightforward.

Review πŸ“–

Over 1% of the U.S. suffers from celiac disease, and 6% experience non-celiac gluten sensitivity. That means most Asian foods are a big no-no due to their signature ingredients, like noodles, soy sauce, etc., containing wheat.

The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen by Laura B. Russell helps you create authentic cuisines of China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam in gluten-free versions without losing the distinctive Asian flavors. You’ll also find beautiful images highlighting the steps you must take to cook correctly.

Plus, the list of grocery items and kitchen utensils helps you navigate around the kitchen and purchase the right products in the right amount.

10. The Best Dumpling Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

This dumpling cookbook is perfect for anyone new to the art of dumpling cooking. The well-curated list of traditional and delicious recipes, matched with its step-by-step instructions, make cooking authentic Asian and European cuisine an easy task. The cookbook includes over 40 homemade recipes to keep you busy making delicious dumplings in different shapes and fillings.

Review πŸ“–

Get started learning how to cook flavorful homemade by grabbing the Best Dumpling Cookbook by Barbara Riddle. The easy-to-read, high-quality dumpling cookbook includes over 40 dumpling recipes from around the world. 

The cookbook comprises yummy recipes like Russian pelmeni, Italian, gnocchi, Greek, loukoumades, Indian samosas, and more. Recreate sweet or savory-filled dough to make your taste buds dance.

You can also discover dumpling recipes that entail frying, steaming, or boiling the dumpling. Depending on your mood, you can try Chinese Pork Dumplings or Sicilian Bread Dumplings to complement your lunch. Or, you can cook sweet dumplings like the Austrian Apricot Topfen Dumplings and North American Maple Syrup Dumplings to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Final Thoughts

Watch the dumpling cookbooks discussed above if you plan to start cooking yummy dumplings. From traditional Asian recipes to favorite street food treats, there’s something for everyone!

Try the best dumpling cookbooks to discover dumpling recipes that match your taste, style, and mood, including gluten-free and vegan options. 

FAQs On Dumpling Cookbooks 

Q1. What cuisine do dumplings belong to?

Ans. While dumplings originated in China, the prepared snack is now found in cuisines worldwide. You can find over 25 types of dumplings to satisfy your cravings, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Brazilian dumplings. But making pork soup dumplings or Pork Potstickers or any of these meals is common worldwide. Imagine eating dumplings, but fried dumplings, wagyu beef dumplings, bacon, or something tucked inside steamed dumplings, only wonderful dumpling creations!

Ans. Here are several dumpling recipes you absolutely need to try:

  • Japanese Gyoza
  • Chinese Mushroom Dumplings with Sweet Chili Ginger Sesame Sauce
  • Jiaozi Chinese Pan-Fried Potstickers
  • Sesame Chicken Potstickers 
  • Vegetable Potstickers
  • Spicy Chili Oil Wontons

Q3. Making dumplings, what is it like?

Ans. Cooking dumpling starts with choosing one of three methods:

  • Boiling 
  • Pan-Frying
  • Steamed dumplings

In addition, you can decide the shape, form, and texture of your dumpling depending on your mood and taste. You can also choose a dumpling filling according to what you’re craving.

More about Dumplings

Dumplings are a popular prepared snack not only in Southern Asia but worldwide! These yummy morsels are available in various countries in different shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors.

In Asian cuisines, this delicious dish can be savory and sweet, and the chef can boil, steam, or fry it. These bite-sized, delicate treats comprise different fillings in a thin layer of dough.

While the fillings vary depending on your taste, the dumpling dough comprises three primary ingredients: flour, water, and salt. You can even find different types of dough for your dumplings, such as:

  • Type of Flour- Buckwheat, millet, and tapioca
  • Vegetable-Based- It comprises a starch component from potato, sweet potato, or squash
  • Bread-Based- Leftover bread is famous in German.
  • Fat and Dairy- Combining eggs, cream, butter, or cheese helps create a decadent dough for dumplings

After that, you can choose a filing that matches your taste and mood. The most popular ones include:

  • Beef 
  • Carrot 
  • Chicken
  • Dried Shrimp
  • Lamb 
  • Pork
  • Shrimp
  • Spinach and Ricotta

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