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Colombian cookbook

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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through Colombian Cookbooks. 

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Delicious recipes from the North of the South ☀

Colombian cuisine was heavily influenced by keeping the culinary traditions alive of Indigenous tribes, as well as African and Spanish cuisines. Moreover, the country is blessed with a wide range of regionally distributed ingredients that shape its gastronomy. Most Colombian dishes feature locally produced ingredients such as maize, potatoes, legumes, tropical fruits, poultry, and seafood. Arepas, Sopa de pan, Empanadas, Ajiaco y Camarón tostado and some of the most common Colombian foods. Colombians love carbs; that’s why almost every Colombian home cooks dish is accompanied by rice.

We present you the 10 Colombian Cookbooks that will bring the flavors of the north coast to your kitchen!

1. Colombiana

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The Colombiana cookbook is more like a heartfelt love letter to Colombia. The book begins with an extensive introduction to the history and development of Colombian kitchens, followed by a collection of over 100 traditional easy recipes with a unique approach. There are planned meals and also standalone recipes with a wide range of ingredients and flavors. The delicious recipes are organized perfectly, accompanied by interesting stories and gorgeous photographs. Furthermore, the author has also incorporated useful plating techniques and ways to decorate the table on special occasions. With all this helpful information, and to everyone’s surprise, there is also a suggested music playlist to complete the vibe with no additional cost! This is the best Colombian cookbook that can definitely inspire you to throw a great feast at your home. 

About the Author ✍️

Mariana Velásquez is an award-winning international food stylist, first cookbook author, and recipe developer. She has worked with a wide range of clients, including First Lady Michelle Obama, for her American Gown project. Her work has also been featured in magazines like Vogue, Food & Wine, etc.

2. Secrets of Colombian Cooking, Expanded Edition

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This Colombian cookbook is an absolute treasure for someone who wants to try Colombian food and food in its truest and original form. The introductory section of the book consists of the map of Colombia, its geographical history, food culture, and glimpses of the author’s childhood. The book not only gives away over 200 mouthwatering recipes but also mentions alternative ingredients to use. With each recipe, the author has also incorporated some of her personal photographs of her cooking with her family as a child, which makes this book even more special!

About the Author ✍️

Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer from Colombia. She is the owner of two bakeries in Colombia, one in Barranquilla and the other one in Cali. 

3. The Taste of Colombia

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The Taste of Colombia reflects the true essence of Latin America. The cookbook begins with an aesthetic introduction along with striking images that pay homage to the Caribbean coast, Colombia’s diverse flora and fauna, and the local street food vendors. With more than 133 succulent recipes gathered from different corners of the nation, this Colombian cookbook is something that a food lover would cherish for a very long time. 

About the Author ✍️

Benjamin Villegas was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He has traveled across the country to explore its food and natural beauty. Benjamin is the author of another gorgeous book named Gardens of Colombia.

4. The Food and Cooking of Colombia & Venezuela

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This Colombian cookbook is yet another gorgeous work done by Patricia McCausland-Gallo. It revolves around the festivities and food culture in Colombia and Venezuela. It is a beautifully illustrated cookbook with over 400 impressive photographs and 65 authentic, easy recipes from the heart of South America. This cookbook also gives you a little history of some of the ingredients used in the dishes for the main table. Overall, this book is a great composition of cultural information and flavors that you can savor and cook. 

About the Author ✍️

Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and recipe writer from Colombia. She is the owner of two bakeries in Colombia, one in Barranquilla and the other one in Cali. 

5. Colombian Cookbook

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Colombian Cookbook is a simple yet flavorful journey. It consists of 30 authentic Colombian recipes for beginners, from breakfast to dinner and tidbits to desserts. Each recipe comes with a unique blend of spices and flavors. This book has a few vegetarian recipes as well, like cucumber, avocado, and tomato salad. If you are a no-fuss foodie who wants to create delicious Colombian meals which do not take all day long or require a long list of ingredients, this is the book for you. 

About the Author ✍️

Rachael Rayner is a Jewish chef and food enthusiast. She gave birth to two sets of twins but never gave up on her passion for cooking. Rayner is the author of several cookbooks that consist of easy-to-follow and healthy recipes for all the busy mothers out there. 

6. Easy Colombian Cookbook

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Easy Colombian Cookbook is a simple yet delightful collection of 50 Colombian recipes. It is not a contemporary Colombian cookbook with lots of illustrations and visual elements. Instead, the clear and precise instructions are enough to create some of the most delicious and authentic Colombian dishes, including ArepasPapas Chorreadas, pork, and more dishes shared with the neighbors; the country additionally shares maritime borders with Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and the Cayman Islands. Each recipe comes with important nutritional information such as calories, fats, proteins, and carbs, as well as substitute ingredients to make your meals a little more health-friendly. 

About the Author ✍️

BookSumo Press is an independent publisher of many interesting, unique and healthy cookbooks. It is run by a team of food lovers based in New Jersey. 

7. Colombian Cookbook: Traditional Colombian Recipes Made Easy

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This cookbook book refers to Colombian cuisine as one of the best cuisines on this planet. 

It is not only flavorful but healthy. This one gives away a delightful collection of many recipes from Colombia. Dessert recipes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a little healthy twist. There is no pictorial representation of the featured recipes. However, that’s a plus because it leaves room for interpretation and creativity. Start your Latin America journey of exploring this amazing cuisine with this short yet amazing cookbook.

About the Author ✍️

Grizzly Publishing is an online book publisher that specializes in non-fiction e-books, books, and audio content.

Review 📖

As its name suggests, this short and sweet Colombian cookbook highlights the most popular and frequently cooked meals in every traditional Colombian household. The book gives away classic recipes of 20 show-stopper meals, snacks, and elaborate soups, including the unofficial national dish of Colombia, called Bandeja Paisa. If you ask a Colombian to choose his last meal on Earth, this would be the one. To eat like a Colombian, quickly get your hands on this book.

About the Author ✍️

Grace Barrington-Shaw is a Jamaican chef, historian, and restaurateur. She specializes in Caribbean cuisine. Grace has worked at several resorts throughout her career. She aims to work for the better recognition of Caribbean cuisine to give it the appreciation it deserves. 

9. A Culinary Tour of Colombia

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From soups to grilled meats and stews to fried dishes, this cookbook literally takes you on an exciting culinary tour of Colombia. It features colorful and vibrant food from small street-side carts as well as warm and comforting food from a traditional Colombian household. The recipes are divided into three sections, i.e. street food, desserts, and drinks. 

This book also emphasizes the idea of using home-grown typical ingredients for recreating the best Colombian dishes beloved by everyone to keep all traditions alive. 

About the Author ✍️

Chloe Tucker is the author of several amazing cookbooks, including It’s All About Gravy, The Grand Middle-Eastern Menu, The Secret BBQ Sauce Business, and more. She has written about different cuisines like Swedish, Italian, Middle-Eastern, Colombian, and Argentinian recipes.

10. Exotic Colombia Recipes

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We have finally made it to the last stop of this exciting culinary journey. The last Colombian cookbook on our list is Exotic Colombia Recipes. It is not essentially a picturesque book, as the images are all black and white. However, the content will definitely blow your mind and motivate you to bring Colombian flavors into your own kitchen. This one has a superb collection of authentic Colombian recipes featuring locally produced ingredients like maize, gooseberries, cassava, potatoes, and assorted legumes. 

About the Author ✍️

Julia Chiles is a food writer with a never-ending love for gastronomy. She is the author cooking of several books and e-books on the cuisines of different countries. Some of her books include Finnish Style Recipes, Celiac CookbookThe Elegant Stir-Fry, Ramen Cookbook: 50 Ramen Recipes for the Home Chef, etc.

Final Thoughts

We all know that the best way to learn about a country’s history, culture, and traditions is to explore its cuisine, with many dishes shared with Panama and Venezuela. The essence of all three elements is mixed into countless delicious recipes, which are often passed down for generations. There is so much to learn by exploring the gastronomic richness of a nation. Colombian food is a blend of ethnicity, boldness, and unique flavors. This amazing cuisine deserves its moment in the culinary spotlight. Thus, we gathered and presented some of the hidden gems of Colombian culture in the form of the above-listed Colombian cookbooks. We hope that they have not only helped you but also allowed you to enjoy some of the best Colombian delicacies from anywhere in the world and also prepared you for your next trip to this gastronomical paradise of Latin America. 

Colombian Cuisine is waiting for you.

The gateway to South America – Colombia sits in the northwest part of Latin America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This tropical paradise is known for its biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, ethnic culture, music, and of course, unique perspective about the rich culinary traditions that result in a vibrant cuisine. 

The capital city of Colombia, Bogotá, in addition to its vibrant style, is also considered its gastronomical capital. It is becoming a hotspot for foodie travelers from all over the world. This city captures the elements from all the regions of Colombia to create a dining scene full of wonderful dishes, the best meals, and drinks. This amazing country, close to Ecuador and Venezuela, has so many dishes that every tourist wants to try at least once in life!

Coffee is an important part of Colombian culture, and delicious meals and culture are enjoyed by people of all ages. Tinto is the most common preparation of coffee in Colombia. It is basically a small portion of black coffee that is served mostly with lunch or dinner. The country is among the world’s top three coffee exporters. Colombian coffee is globally known for its distinctively rich aroma, flavor, and authentic ingredients. 

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