The 10 British Cookbooks with traditional recipes for your royal soul πŸ‘Έ

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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through British Cookbooks.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Traditional British cooking and delicious recipes 🎩

Fish and chips are something everyone knows about, but British cuisine is much more complex and special, which is something you will only learn about if you get yourself a British cookbook. Food has a much bigger role in British culture than one might realize at first, and a great way to start exploring British cuisine is by going through these ten cookbooks we picked for you.

Here are the Top 10 British Cookbooks for you! πŸ‘‡

1. The Pie Book: Over 400 Classic Recipes

Why We Love It ❀️

Yes, it’s pretty clear that we love pies, but that’s not the main reason we picked this cookbook, as the detailed instructions and great British cooking tips are of vast help. You simply cannot make a mistake, and the result will be delicious.

Review πŸ“–

Even those not that fond of British pies will have to agree that having more than 400 pie recipes in one place would not at least be handy, as you never know when you might need one.

This cookbook covers everything from traditional British pies like a simple Cherry Pie to Pork Pie. Yes, pies don’t have to be just sweet, and if you have ever wondered how to make one, you can find all the info you might need in this cookbook.

2. British Recipes – The Very Best British Cookbook

Why We Love It ❀️

The title can sometimes be misguiding, but that’s not the case with this British cookbook.

Precise and concise instructions and tips, along with detailed information on the preparation process, will make even a cooking newbie look like an experienced chef of a renowned restaurant.

Review πŸ“–

The best thing about this cookbook is that it contains all the traditional yet easy-to-make British dishes. Whether you want to find out what Brits eat for breakfast or how to prepare a Shepherd’s Pie, you got it right here.

If someone doesn’t have time to prepare a classic British dinner, worry no more as there are adapted versions of how to make a fast fine dinner too.

3. Great British Bake Off: Celebrations

Why We Love It ❀️

This cookbook has everything one foodie might need and want and what’s best; it even has some cooking tips on what ingredients to add to make a British meal out of any meal you prepare at home.

Review πŸ“–

The popularity of this cookbook says a lot about its quality. Still, the fact that it is based on a cooking show speaks volumes about the overall authenticity of this cookbook.

As for the delicious recipes, if you want to make biscuits, cakes, scones, pastries, desserts, bread, patisserie, etc., this cookbook covers you. Another great addition is a section on family recipes, where some of the traditional British recipes date back centuries.

4. The Best of British Baking: Classic Sweet Treats and Savory Bakes

Why We Love It ❀️

There isn’t much to say about this cookbook classic, as we loved how simple it is to follow the recipes and how tasty the results were. Besides that, unlike other cookbooks, the measurements in this one are in the US, which makes everything much easier.

Review πŸ“–

The intro section is a masterpiece on its own, as it gets you into the right cooking mood as you learn more about British culture and its rich culinary history and importance.

The recipes are straightforward, meaning you cannot make a mistake, and the tips and techniques listed will make every kitchen smell like a traditional British one.

It’s everything we could expect from a well-recognized chef, and this cookbook will leave no one indifferent.

5. Traditional Old English Recipes

Why We Love It ❀️

Everything about this book is plain and simple, from the number of recipes to how easy it is to make some British dishes. Of course, the tastiness of the food doesn’t mean lack; on the contrary.

Review πŸ“–

Everything is in the title with this one, and if you ever wanted to know what the queen and the king of England ate centuries ago, then this cookbook is your best pick.

Everything from the cooking process to the ingredients and serving is as British and as authentic as it can be, making this one a one-of-a-kind cookbook on the market.

Even those entirely new to cooking can easily find classic recipes like fish and chips on their way around the kitchen, as the instructions are easy to follow.

6. The Great British Baking Show: A Bake for All Seasons

Why We Love It ❀️

The Great British Bake Off is an amazing culinary show that every food lover should see, and this book contains various recipes that have already been prepared throughout the show.

Thanks to recipes from 12 contesters and contributions from judge Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, this is one of the best cookbooks every home should have.

Review πŸ“–

If you are searching for a cookbook with every recipe one kitchen should have, then search no more, as this one is what you need. It contains many easy-to-follow recipes for various occasions and each Holiday during the year, accompanied by high-quality photographs, which makes their preparation even easier.

Each dish in the book contains seasonal ingredients, which are easy to find and create amazing and unique flavors.

7. The British Baking Book: The History of British Baking, Savory and Sweet

Why We Love It ❀️

This cookbook is not just a collection of some of the best British recipes; it can teach us a lot about British heritage, culture, and tradition.

Understanding why British baking is such a great phenomenon through legends, stories and recipes is something every person who wants to learn more about this cuisine should do.

Review πŸ“–

More than a hundred authentic recipes from every place in Britain are gathered in this amazing book and written entirely so even beginners in British cooking can enjoy them.

It contains both sweet and savory dishes ideal for every occasion. Thanks to some of the best stories and legends from the culinary tradition of Britain, you can enjoy learning everything you should know about this cuisine while preparing a meal.

8. Pub Grub: Recipes for classic comfort food

Why We Love It ❀️

It is difficult not to love this book since it contains many recipes that are easy to prepare. What is even more important for busy people is the preparation of these meals does not require a lot of time, so they can enjoy amazing flavors and have enough time to relax, that’s why this book should definitely go in your storage of favorite cookbooks.

Review πŸ“–

Every person who wants to experience the British spirit must try their comfort food in some local bars.

With this book, you will learn how to prepare most of them at home and enjoy them whenever you want.

High-quality photos add to the overall impression of this cookbook which celebrates comfort food in the best possible way.

9. The Royal Heritage Cookbook: Recipes from High Society and the Royal Court

Why We Love It ❀️

There is something almost magical about British Royalty, and the very thought of being able to eat the same dishes as them makes this cookbook a must-have.

It contains authentic recipes of entire meals that Royalty and people from a high society enjoyed and represents the unique opportunity to recreate them in our homes.

Review πŸ“–

Just imagine reading the original recipe written by hand by a lady of a high society three centuries ago that you can easily cook in your kitchen.

Thanks to the dedicated author of this British cookbook, we can now see the photos of the 50 actual handwritten recipes and find the updated version by professional chefs.

10. Jane Austen’s Table: Recipes Inspired by the Works of Jane Austen

Why We Love It ❀️

Every book lover knows that amazing feeling that makes us feel like we are inside the book when they start reading something interesting, and this cookbook can get us into the Jane Austen world.

That makes it perfect for every fan of Jane Austin novels, as it allows them to enjoy dishes inspired by the world she created.

Review πŸ“–

Thanks to 50 different recipes inspired by various people and places from Jane Austin novels, every person can feel like being there once they prepare something from this book.

The book contains great ideas for picnics, breakfasts, dinners, and snacks that no one can resist, and each of them is simply described and easy to make.

Final Thoughts

British cuisine, along with its history, is rich, with various ingredients, cooking techniques, and styles used, as every part of this country and Europe has something different yet unique. All in all, the best way to explore British cuisine is by opting for a cookbook, and the selection of cookbooks here should be of great help.

British Cuisine

If you want to find out what British cuisine is all about, forget about anything you might have seen in the movies or TV shows (except those cooking ones) as only by preparing some authentic British dishes can you find out what makes it a unique cuisine.

There are many influences on the cuisine, It also influences other cuisines, for example, Irish cuisine, as it changed through history, but most parts remained the same. On the other hand, there are modern versions or, to be more precise, there is modern British cuisine, which is just a variation and re-interpretation of the old, traditional recipes that might have got forgotten.

British cooking

Like any world cuisine, some popular British cooking techniques make it unique, and British cuisine is no exception. The first thought of most people when someone mentions British cuisine is baking, and they are not wrong, but there are four more of them that British people use most often. They are roasting, poaching, frying, and stewing, such as chef Nadiya Hussain, known for her variety in the kitchen; she is also a columnist for theΒ Times Magazine and she has even been invited to bake a cake for the 90th birthday celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II!Β 

British recipes

British cuisine is rich and full of flavors, and there is a perfect dish for every person, which is why it is petty challenging to mention just a few of them. However, some of them are considered typically British, and visiting Britain without trying them is something that you should not do. Regarding that, Full English Breakfast is a great way to start the day, Fish and Chip’s perfect seafood for lunch, and Shepherd’s Pie is best to end the day.

British ingredients

British people love meat and use different types for their tasteful meals. Besides meat, they also use blood and offal, which can be real delicacies when prepared properly. Vegetables are common in British cuisine, and probably the most popular are potatoes and carrots.

Speaking about fruits, we need to mention strawberries as one of the most popular symbols of the famous tennis tournament Wimbledon.

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