10 Vegan Vietnamese Cookbooks for a Flavorful Feast

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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the best Vietnamese Cookbooks. Join me on this journey of taste and discovery.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Vietnamese Cuisine

These Vegan Vietnamese Cookbooks offer a wide variety of delicious recipes for vegetarian and vegan versions of traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Vegan and vegetarian food trends are increasingly popular as people flee higher meat prices and opt for the health benefits and sustainability that a meatless diet can provide. Whether you’re a longtime plant-based eating expert or just testing the waters of a no-meat lifestyle for the first time, it can be challenging to craft a vegan version of your favorite traditional dishes…no matter the cuisine.

Vietnamese cuisine commonly utilizes non-vegan ingredients such as beef, chicken, eggs, and pork belly. When enjoying food in Vietnam, you might opt for a classic Pho, complete with chicken broth and sliced beef, or enjoy a savory banh mi from a street food vendor, complete with pork belly. Of course, because those traditional dishes are neither vegetarian nor vegan friendly, you may need to incorporate some creativity in order to still enjoy these foods within the boundaries of your vegan diet.

It can be hard to cook vegan food that is both healthy and delicious, but with the right recipes, it’s easier than you might think. So we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best vegan Vietnamese cookbooks that are perfect for anyone looking to add some variety to their vegan cooking repertoire.

These vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese cookbooks are loaded with smart swaps and clever hacks to help you enjoy typical Vietnamese flavors and recreate your favorite classic dishes from Vietnamese restaurants at home, all without the meat.

No matter your cooking level, these cookbooks are excellent resources for vegan and vegetarian recipes. Though not every recipe in the following books completely fits into a vegan diet (check out our guide on the Best Black Vegan Cookbooks), these cookbooks will still provide you with everything you need to make authentic and delicious meatless Vietnamese dishes.

Presenting the Best Vegan Vietnamese Cookbooks

1. Vietnam Vegan

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09/22/2022 02:21 am GMT

Fresh veggies are essential to any vegan lifestyle, and this book is loaded with them. The author even ensures that your children will be raving about how delicious the vegetables are from the recipes in Vietnam Vegan. Netjoy focuses on the health benefits of Vietnamese cooking and sprinkles invaluable health tips with her 50 vegan Vietnamese recipes.

Whether you’re looking for different ways to cook rice cakes, soups, or a vegan banh mi, this cookbook has a vegan version of a traditional dish that you’re sure to love! Each recipe also includes a list of utensils needed to make your prep and cooking even more effortless.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include Vietnamese vegan spring rolls, Hot and Spicy Tofu with lemongrass sauce.

Promising review: “Very interesting recipes. I love Vietnamese Pho soup, but being a vegan makes it impossible to order in restaurants now I have a great option for good food.” – Diane Bergquist

2. Vegan Asian: A Cookbook: The Best Dishes from Thailand, Japan, China, and More Made Simple

This masterful cookbook teaches even the most novice home cook how to create tasty vegan recipes of classic Asian meals, proving that you can achieve traditional Vietnamese flavors without compromising your meatless lifestyle. So right at home, you can put together healthier versions of your favorite takeout meals that taste even better.

Vegan Asian even includes tips for making vegan versions of essential sauces and a whole chapter on tofu, which the author calls the “building block of Asian cuisine…especially for vegans, as it’s an amazing source of protein.”

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Vietnamese Mushroom Pho (Pho Chay), Sizzling Vietnamese Crepes (Bánh Xèo)

Promising review: “I can’t stop cooking from this book – every recipe is spot on. It’s like eating in your favorite restaurant night after night. I own about 30 vegan cookbooks, and Vegan Asian moved up to #1. Spectacular!!!” – Schneggerle

3. Vegetarian Viet Nam

Vegetarian Viet Nam
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09/22/2022 02:22 am GMT

This cookbook is one of the greatest resources for vegan Vietnamese food. Author Cameron Stauch spent years living in Vietnam and Cambodia (check out our guide on the Best Cambodian Cookbooks), learning the traditional Vietnamese food cuisine and developing meatless recipes that are full of flavor. With chapters like “Rolls, Bahn Mi, and Street Snacks” and “Vibrant Salads,” there is no shortage of amazing vegetarian recipes that are authentically Vietnamese and agreeably delicious. Stauch even includes recipes for caramelized soy sauce and meat substitute “seitan” to keep the flavors and textures as authentic as possible.

Recipes include: Sweetened sticky rice with coconut milk, Nutty mushroom, and tofu pâté with sesame seeds

Promising review: “I love Asian food, flavors, and vegetarian food. Hard to believe it’s taken this long for someone to fill the gap, and write a great cookbook on vegetarian Vietnamese food. Such fresh, clean, flavors. Tastes just like it came from Vietnamese restaurants.” – Katherine H

4. The Little Viet Kitchen: Over 100 authentic and delicious Vietnamese recipes

Authenticity is central to the flavorful creations in this cookbook. Author Thuy Diem Pham was born in Vietnam and has always been surrounded by food. With over 100 recipes, this book is filled with genuine Vietnamese dishes that cover a wide range of eating styles.

As Thuy shares her expertise and unique approach to recreating Vietnamese family favorites, readers can enjoy learning about the memories and experiences that her food philosophy is built on. Beautiful photography is the perfect companion for the flavorsome dishes found in The Little Viet Kitchen.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Soy-braised shiitake Mushrooms, Pickled Carrot, and Daikon

Promising review: “The book is beautifully made and the recipes look really good. I can’t wait to try everything. You can tell the author put a lot of thought and hardwork into this cook book. It’s almost like reading a good book but you also get recipes !” –AmazonQueen

5. Vietnamese Food with Helen’s Recipes

Helen Le is the founder and creator behind the popular cooking YouTube channel Helens Recipes, where she guides over 600,000 subscribers through her delicious traditional recipes. Her book focuses on authentic Vietnamese recipes (which have been quality tested by thousands of viewers) with easy-to-follow step-by-step photos, so you never miss a beat.

Even more remarkable, every recipe in Le’s book comes with a link to a video demonstration for making it. Vietnamese cooking has never been easier!

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Steamed Rice Cakes, Fried Breadsticks

Promising review: “I love Helen’s passion for cooking delicious Vietnamese food! What sets her apart from other youtube cooks is her inquisitive nature in learning the cultural background to the recipes and then her ability to teach the recipes in a simple and direct manner while sharing the culture.” – Lia

6. Street Food Vietnam

Author Jerry Mai was first introduced to Vietnamese street food when he was 15, instantly captivated by the tastes and smells, and his lifelong love affair with Vietnamese food began.

His cookbook, which explains through succulent dishes why street food vendors are “the country’s greatest chefs,” is full of helpful resources such as a list of basic ingredients, fresh herbs, and equipment that you would find in any Vietnamese kitchen. There are also photos of the 70 delicious recipes that recreate the classic street food in Vietnam.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Banana blossom and crispy tofu salad, Mushroom and tofu pho

Promising review: “Exactly what I was looking for! Modern day Vietnam street food!!!! I own a lot of Viet cookbooks etc… but I wanted the snack foods and this got it all! I cannot wait to try them all!” – paperandi

7. Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook: Classic Vietnamese Street Food Made at Home

This in-depth cookbook is perfect for any skill level of home cook with an interest in Vietnamese cuisine. Author Linh Nguyen breaks down her cooking style in an easy-to-understand way, includes a quick glossary of Vietnamese terms, and even explains the differences between soy sauce varieties.

Whether it’s your first time picking up vermicelli noodles or if fried spring rolls are a weekly favorite, you’re sure to find a tasty, meatless creation that you can make at home.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls, Vegan Banh Mi

Promising review: “…even if you have no experience of Vietnamese cooking you will find that the style of the food is always healthy and nutritious. The recipes are easy to follow with tips on how to source ingredients if you are not living in Viet Nam, and the book has charming anecdotes of the author’s life growing up with her extended family in rural Viet Nam…If you love Vietnamese food, or you’re an avid cook, you must have it.”- Michael

8. Vietnamese: Simple Vietnamese food to cook at home

Author Uyen Luu knows Vietnamese food. She’s been running a Vietnamese supper club since 2009 and teaches cooking classes. Her latest book, complete with 85 mouthwatering recipes, includes chapters on “Proper Salads, Vietnamese style” and even “Sweet things” for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth in an authentic Vietnamese way.

Luu also includes a section on “The Vietnamese Pantry,” which provides a list of essential ingredients for sweet, sour, hot, salty, and umami flavors in addition to cooking oils and other staples.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Savoy Cabbage, Roasted Cauliflower, and Cashew Chilli Noodles, Fried Noodles & Greens

Promising review: “The book is gorgeous, soft colours and beautiful pictures. The recipes are homey, easy and full of comforting flavours I grew up with.” – Mewayah

9. Vietnamese Home Cooking

Vietnamese Home Cooking
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Charles Phan is the owner of a renowned restaurant, The Slanted Door, and brings his style of flavorful Vietnamese dishes from the restaurant to the home cook in this highly rated cookbook.

Vietnamese Home Cooking comes complete with simple directions for recreating Phan’s recipes. The pages focus on fundamental techniques and ingredients as he explains how simple it is to make top-tier Vietnamese recipes right in your kitchen. This cookbook is also infused with Chef Phan’s life stories of the personal experiences that led him to his current culinary success.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Sichuan Cucumber Pickles, Green Papaya Salad with Rau Ram, Peanuts, and Crispy Shallots

Promising review: “This is the only cook book I like to much that I actually brought it in the bedroom to read before bedtime. I am Vietnamese but doesn’t know how to cook Vietnamese dishes right as my family pampered me so bad that I didn’t have to cook anything until I got married.” – Autumn.D

10. An: To Eat: Recipes and Stories from a Vietnamese Family Kitchen

Mother-daughter duo Helene and Jacquelin An teamed up to create a cookbook full of 100 recipes with clean flavors, simple techniques, and unique twists. Beyond the appetizing recipes, An: To Eat celebrates the An family journey from refugee to restauranteur, with Helene An opening the first Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco.

This cookbook incorporates the large amounts of fresh vegetables that are central to a traditional Vietnamese diet. It offers a breakdown of basic fresh herbs, spices, and ingredients to help your dishes sing. It also comes with a unique chapter all about Vietnamese drinks.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes include: Corn silk tea, Baked Tofu with Julienned Snap Peas, Tiato Rolls

Promising review: “I am so glad I ordered this book. It helped me continue to fall in love with Vietnamese food. Well written, great pictures and even a bit of history.” – Diane Hunter

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top 10 vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese cookbooks to help you on your culinary journey. From vegan spring rolls to a vegetarian Banh Mi and from deep-fried rice noodles to an elevated soy sauce, there is an abundance of delicious, meatless recipes that are authentically Vietnamese. Whether you are a seasoned vegan or just starting, we hope that this list has inspired you and given you some great new ideas for recipes to try.

If you have any other favorites we didn’t mention, or if you check out any of the cookbooks on our list, be sure to let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!

 Vietnamese Cookbooks Summary

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