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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the best Scone Cookbooks. Join me on this journey of taste and discovery.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Sweet or Salty, we all love it

When you want something sweet, the last thing you want to do is make it from scratch! But scones are one of those things worth the effort-flaky, tender and full of complex flavors; they can be dressed up in various ways, either savory or sweet. There are cheese scones, birthday cake scones, decadent cranberry scones, griddle scones, potato scones, and so much more!

However, it’s hard to find good ones outside bakeries and coffee shops. So here are some cookbooks that will help you make the best scones you’ve ever tasted! 

You need to see our top 7 Best Scons Cookbooks! πŸ‘‡

1. The New Orleans Kitchen

Why We Love It ❀️

Enjoy cooking and are relatively new to cooking with fresh ingredients. You will find The New Orleans Kitchen full of easy-to-prepare dishes that won’t break your budget and will impress family members, friends, and work colleagues alike. And when it comes to sharing scones, there is a recipe for making 4 scones at once so you can easily serve large groups!

What the Readers are saying πŸ‘‚

“It’s a beautiful book and very well organized. I especially appreciated the introductory ‘basics’ section on measurements, cooking techniques, and the dozen or so crucial ingredients necessary to great New Orleans cooking. In addition, I found at least fifty must-cook recipesβ€”good cooking (and eating) to all.” -Nim Yo

Reviews πŸ“–

New Orleans, a culinary mecca due to its diverse, varied, and undeniably obsessive food culture has always ranked among the world’s most celebrated cities. Still, classic New Orleans cooking is hard to learn and perfect. 

Even in tradition-steeped New Orleans, classic recipes have evolved. With step-by-step photos and straightforward instructions, there is no way you can get this wrong! Locals, Southerners, and food tourists alike will appreciate the more modern approach to the classic New Orleans cooking at Devillier.

2. The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook 

Why We Love It ❀️

With more than 50 recipes, you will learn to make everything from eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce to traditional finger sandwiches (chicken, cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg salad), crumpets, and all manner of tea cakes, tarts, scones, etc. So you get not only the taste of scones but also health benefits and the origin of scones.Β 

What The Readers Are Saying πŸ‘‚

“Traditional bound book. Excellent Downton Abbey photography, a really lovely recipe book. Anyone would be pleased to own it. I loved the introduction and all the little notes from this book; not only is it a FAN must-have, but also the recipes are the best; so far, we have tried the Madeline, and they turn out delicious!! My favorite book from the collection!” -Joy Hope

Reviews πŸ“–

With this alluring and vibrant cookbook, fans of the PBS series and anglophiles alike can stage every stylish element of this cultural staple of British (check out our guide on the Best British Cookbooks) society at home. Spanning sweet and savory classicsβ€”like Battenberg Cake, Bakewell Tart, toffee puddings, cream scones, and tea sandwichesβ€”the recipes capture the quintessential delicacies of the time and the proper way to serve them, such as chef Nadiya Hussain, known for her variety in the kitchen she is also a columnist for the Times Magazine and she has even been invited to bake a cake for the 90th birthday celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II! (check out our guide on the Best Nadiya Hussain Cookbooks).

This charming cookbook also features a detailed narrative history and extols the proper etiquette for teatime service, from tea gowns and tearooms to preparing and serving tea. 

3. Hello! 101 Scones Recipes

Why We Love It ❀️

Hello! Scones: 101 Best Scones Recipes is an all-encompassing compilation of today’s most popular scones and recipes. Readers will discover everything from basic quick bread to flavorful sandwiches as readers turn through pages. Presented in a high-quality cookbook formatβ€”with full-color photosβ€”the book also includes tips for perfect results every time and more than 40 mouthwatering variations for each recipe.

What the Readers are Saying πŸ‘‚

“During Covid, I started baking scones for my family as a quick breakfast item. I checked out four scone recipe books – this one is the best. A vast variety of recipes with ingredients are not too hard to find. The tough part is which one to try next. So far, I have made the apricot almond and maple oat scones delicious. They are so good; they only last about 2 days with my teenage son. Thank you!!” -Flask Fisher

Reviews πŸ“–

Bread making is easyβ€”no need for any unique technique. Whether you have it or not, you can still make delicious bread. What matters more is the amount of love you put into it and the instruction manual from which you get directives, and this cookbook is the absolute best for such!

Since scones are very versatile in terms of what can be mixed into them and what you can add, there are many scone recipes to choose from. So whether you want a classic cinnamon-raisin, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, or pecan nut, there is a recipe perfect for your taste buds. 

4. Scrumptious Scones

Why We Love It ❀️

Even if you have never made a scone, you can make scones like a pro the first time. With these easy-to-understand recipes, directions, and tips, you will make scones in no time.

What the Readers are Saying πŸ‘‚

“Last night I had to call them “biscuits” to get my husband to try one. Today, he is now fine with the term “scone” and asked which flavor I was making today. If you knew him, you would realize how amazing this is. He had a cheese scone for dinner and is looking forward to a brown sugar and pecan scone topped with strawberries and whipped cream left over from the dessert recipe. He is a happy camper and a total convert to the world of scones. Now the problem will be explaining why he can’t have them daily.” -Danielle Wilson

Reviews πŸ“–

This eBook includes delicious recipes like Maple Bacon Scones, Triple Berry Scones, and French Toast and Chocolate Scones. You’ll have your hands on the best scones with this book’s easy-to-follow, super delicious scone recipes. With more than 50 recipes, there is a lot to choose from! 

The instructions are simple, and you don’t need fancy equipment to make these fantastic treats. These are perfect if you’re looking for something new to serve at breakfast or tea time! These are also great for creating a welcoming atmosphere by making them ahead of time and storing them in an airtight container or wrapping individual ones separately so they’re ready to go when guests arrive. Once you’ve tried out one of these mouthwatering scones, we bet that your family will be asking for more! 

5. The Best 50 Scones

Why We Love It ❀️

In this recipe book, you’ll find breakfast, snacks, and afternoon tea scones. From old favorites like Raisin Scones and Glazed Maple Walnut Scones to more unconventional choices, there’s something for everyone in this book. Armed with helpful baking tips and information on equipment and storage, you may never need another scone cookbook!

What the Readers are Saying πŸ‘‚ 

“Yes, this is a tiny book, but the most important thing is the quality of the recipes. Today I made the lemon scones, and they have wonderful crumbs and are as light as a feather. At first, I didn’t think there was enough liquid, but I followed the recipe and worked the dough until it held together. Once baked, I knew I had a winner and made lovely lemon curd to go with it.” –Lloveth R.

Reviews πŸ“–

This is a good book to have as an accompaniment to Simply Scones. With these two books, you can cook until your heart’s content. If you like baking different things, we highly recommend these books.

The scones are not hard to make and are delicious. This book has healthy scones and sweet ones: breakfast, after-school snacking, and afternoon tea. You’ll find everything you need to know in this book, from classics like Raisin Scones and Glazed Maple Walnut Scones to unusual combination recipes. 

With tips to make you an expert baker and advice on equipment and storage, you’ll never need another scone cookbook! It can be hard to pick which one is the best for your needs when all the recipes sound so good. 

The Best 50 Scones have 50 tried-and-true scone recipes that will suit any taste or occasion and even help you cut down on fat or sugar content. If you’re looking for some new flavors, try Lemon Poppy Seed Scones or Buttermilk Chive and Cheddar Scones. No matter what kind of scones you’re craving, The Best 50 Scones has covered them.

6. The Best Quick Bread

Why We Love It β€οΈ

There are so many great recipes in this book, a fair few are also low calorie, and there’s a healthy section. We love this book and can’t wait to make more recipes from it.

What the readers are saying πŸ‘‚

This book was a Christmas Present, yet I have to make anything from it. However, the book is easily read and understood. This is for a man, and we know what they are like in the kitchen. I find this book to be a great buy!! -Amazon Customer

Reviews πŸ“–

There is enough terrific quick bread to last a lifetime in this book from The Art of Quick Breads, an out-of-print classic, and 50 new recipes. So if you’re in the mood for Honey Lemon Cream Scones, Brand-Glazed Zucchini Bread, or Fresh Apricot Gingerbread, this delightful cookbook will surely satisfy you. 

Not only is there no need to abandon fresh bread and pastries to a busy schedule anymore, but many of the recipes in The Best Quick Bread can be prepared in minutes. The newest collection of recipes from Beth Hensperger contains 100 dishes from all over the world.

7. 1001 Best Baking Recipes of All Time

Why We Love It ❀️

A complete cookbook for home bakers, this book contains 1001 recipes for every type of dessert (check out our guide on the Best Italian Dessert Cookbooks) you can imagine, from the simplest blueberry muffin to the most complicated red wine chocolate cake and lemon meringue pie. In addition, it also includes a chapter focusing on pastry basics – such as Genoise sponge cake, Madeira cake, pie crust, or pate a choux.

What the Readers are Saying πŸ‘‚ 

“There are so many awesome recipes in this book. One of my favorite things to eat is sweets. I don’t always want to spend money to go out and buy them, and with the 1001 Best Baking Recipes of all time, I don’t have to. I have 2 young children that love sweets just as much as I do. I decided to go ahead and purchase the book because of all the great reviews. The recipes are so simple to follow and delicious” –Samson Viles

Reviews πŸ“–

There is enough terrific quick bread to last a lifetime in this book from The Art of Quick Breads, an out-of-print classic, and 50 new recipes. So if you are in the mood for Honey Lemon Cream Scones, Brand-Glazed Zucchini Bread, or Fresh Apricot Gingerbread, this delightful cookbook will surely satisfy you. 

Not only is there no need to abandon fresh bread and pastries to a busy schedule anymore, but many of the recipes in The Best Quick Bread can be prepared in minutes. The newest collection of recipes from Beth Hensperger contains 100 dishes from all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Now with such an array of splendid choices, you can hardly get it wrong in your journey to making your scone. Moreover, these cookbooks offer more than just recipes; as an addition, one can easily pick up a healthy eating lifestyle, a variety of alternative kitchen tricks, and lots more. So, don’t hold your horses any longer; EXPLORE! You need to try it! There are so many delicious recipes with precious flavors and superior quality ingredients. All the baking communities around the world have confusing and complex techniques from other baking books, but always a well-executed recipe serves for infusing precious flavors. All the trick recipes are right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to a good scone?

First and foremost, brilliant scones are about having the confidence to do as little as possible. The less you knead the mix; the less the gluten will tighten up – which means your scones will stay loose and crumbly rather than tight and springy. Next, make sure you sieve the flour and baking powder into your bowl.

How do you know when scones are done?

Bake scones in a 425Β°F oven for 18 to 23 minutes until they’re a very light golden brown. Don’t over-bake; dark scones will be dry. Break one open to check for doneness: the interior shouldn’t appear doughy or wet but should feel nicely moist.

What makes scones hard after baking?

Overworking the dough will lead to tough and chewy scones rather than light and flaky.

How long do homemade scones last?

Homemade scones generally last 1-2 days stored in an airtight container and placed in a kitchen cupboard or larder. Any longer, and they can become a bit dry. Storing scones in the fridge will last for about a week.

Why do scones crack when baking? 

The oven is too hot or the scone is placed too high in the oven (check out our guide on the Best Toaster Oven Cookbooks); the crust is formed too soon, and the scone continues to rise; therefore, the crust cracks.

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