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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the best Korean Cookbooks. Join me on this journey of taste and discovery.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Korean Food

Do you crave quintessential Korean food? If you find Korean cuisine or food culture interesting, or you are a Korean living overseas and obsessed with traditional Korean cooking, then we have you covered. We have the best Korean cookbook suggestions to introduce you to authentic Korean food encapsulating all the spices and traditional flavors. Use your five senses to experience Korean herbs and aromas.

Korean cooking goes beyond kimchi and rice. Dessert is a variety that complements each and every dish. After learning Korean cooking, you can incorporate it into your daily meals. If you’ve ever tried a Korean Recipe, I recommend you try Korean restaurants. Find an Asian Korean restaurant nearby; they may have grills in the middle of the tables where your food and service staff cook. It’s delicious and a lot of fun.

This delectable cuisine is the fourth most popular cuisine on Instagram. Rice, noodles, seasonal vegetables, and meat are a few staples around which all the dishes revolve.  Korean-style cooking is often enjoyed worldwide.

Personally, after trying out different cuisines, I got my hands on a Korean cookbook. And Wow! Korean foods and traditional flavors are filling and good for your body.

Whether it’s traditional Korean meals like Kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, soupy Korean stew, vegetarian Oi Muchum ( cucumber salad), or vegan Korean Tofu (check out the Best Tofu Cookbooks), Korean cuisine is full of variety and flavor. You will find millions of fantastic food combinations and flavorful, nutritious recipes with plenty of variations. Interestingly enough, kimchi is in more than 100 recipes. It is such a hearty cuisine!

Korean cuisine is rich in flavors and spices, and Korean culture comes alive with its traditions and customs. Many royal families used to enjoy Korean royal court cuisine and have retained their heritage for over 2000 years.

Korean cuisine

Koreans are very selective in preparing their meals. There is an extensive menu of food, from appetizers to various side dishes. Typically it contains rice, graham crackers flour, and many side dishes that can be easily eaten. Related Posts: Dishes of varied flavors and textures is typical of Korean cuisine. Korean chefs create unforgettable flavors and attention to detail – an elegant look for dishes. Korean meals usually contain five main foods and five different colors, each with varying types of foods, the five principles that make Korean food unique.

Scroll down for the best Korean cookbooks to try out. Get ready to be amazed by the traditional flavors of famous and delicious Korean foods in these gourmet recipes.

1. Vegan Asian- A Cookbook

An iconic blend of recipes from Thailand, Japan, Korea, and China cooked in Asian style will have you kicking out old bland recipes from your kitchen. Delicious Vegan-Friendly recipes with traditional Asian fusion will make your tastebuds explode.

Along with the delicious recipes, this book is embedded with striking pictures and a how-to guide for the steps in the recipes that may not be so easy.

Multiple reviews regarding this splendid and creative Korean cookbook have placed this book among the best Vegan Korean Cookbooks. The Pad Thai and Singaporean Chili Tofu (check out our guide on the Best Singapore Cookbooks) have been many reviewers’ favorites. Undoubtedly, It’s a must-try cookbook!

“Vegan Asian Cookbook has countless amazing options to try, making it a must-buy book.” ~ WoonHeng Chia 

About the Author

Jeeca Uy is a vegan recipe developer, foodie, and food photographer. She has an influential Instagram vegan Korean cooking account teaching vegan food discoveries. Having such expertise makes this book a great option.

2. Korean American Cookbook  

People travel far from all over to taste Korean recipes and American food. It doesn’t matter whether you are Korean or American; when you crave a homemade taste, the best choice is to shop at Amazon. 

The mixture of these two styles brings out delicious recipes you would have imagined. 

Korean American cookbooks offer readers savory recipes and images. Once you realize how detailed and easy it is to make these recipes, you won’t stop cooking! 

At first glance, the reader will be amazed by the beautifully covered “snack recipes.” this would be great for people at work to find the easiest way to make recipes. You won’t regret buying this book with a bundle of stories, eye-catching pictures, and delicious recipes! 

The best Korean cookbooks unite both people from Korea and America. Recipes include smashed potatoes with roasted-seaweed sour cream dip, Cheeseburger kimbap, Quick-pickled shallower, Milk bread with maple syrup, and more. 

“Recipes are laid out effortlessly and are easy to follow. This Korean cookbook is price-worthy” ~SA. 

About the Author

The stories are about Eric’s culinary heritage and culture. The author says he is neither Korean nor American. I am Korean American, but he found acceptance, potential, and enthusiasm through this food and cooking style. This cookbook is so easy that its ingredients can be found at my local grocery store. Eric shares these recipes and touching stories along with images shot by photographer Jenny Huang that unite many families across the globe. 

This book is so noteworthy that I savored every word and desired to cook each recipe! —Nigella Lawson, author of Cook, Eat, Repeat!

3. Seoul Food Korean Cookbook 

Seoul Food Korean Cookbook
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09/29/2022 07:26 am GMT

If you are a Korean ethnic food lover, this Seoul Food Korean cookbook is your go-to guide for Korean dishes. However, for anybody who is learning Korean or obsessed with Korean flavors, this book will introduce you not only to Korean food but Korean culture, traditions, table manners, and flavors in the most remarkable way.

Naomi Imatome showed her 15 years of experience and expertise in every bit of the 135 recipes in the book. Naomi also added tips alongside ingredients, techniques, variation ideas, and essential kitchen equipment needed for Korean cooking. She has introduced many to Korean food in Seoul style and traditions wonderfully.

This would be a generous gift to Korean American and non-Korean Americans with a bulk of information.

“Great History of Korean Foods and great recipes” ~ Reviewed by a buyer

4. Korean Cooking Favorites (Kimchi, BBQ, and More)  

As mentioned already, there are multiple ways to cook kimchi! For example, recently, gut-healthy fermented dishes became trendy in the U.S. This kimchi cookbook will uncover more than a million (more like 60) ways to add kimchi to your daily life. 

Kimchi is well-known and an all-time favorite of Korean cuisine. When we talk about various foods, Korean cuisine is tough to beat. The book contains flavors like sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. Kimchi is more than just flavor. It’s about making delicious food with friends and families and building relationships.  

Korean Sweet and Sour Pork is an easy dish to cook and is very satisfying; Spicy Korean Fried Rice and Korean Fried Chicken are one of the favorites!

“This cookbook is organized, and its photography is so beautifully done, the recipes seem to be as clear as the author showed love for her cuisine. This is not a cookbook; it is something else.” ~GM

About the Author

Hyegyoing K. Ford is the founder of this kimchi style and gives delicious recipes from her upbringing. She was born in South Korea and stays busy cooking for her family. Her recipes are featured in the Go Gluten-Free Magazine and The Korean Daily.

5. Hello! 222 Korean Recipes 

Hello! 222 Korean Recipes Cookbook is not only a classic cookbook covering specific Korean recipes but a series that gives different cuisines and recipes from around the globe. 

Among them, Korean recipes are mainly introduced, making this a perfect handbook for beginners. From soup and stew recipes,  bulgogi, kalbi, and main dish recipes, to other Korean recipes, it’s full of variety, creativity and shows off Korean spices. 

About the Author

His name perfectly depicts Mr. World’s recipe diversity. He instructs limitless recipes from various international cuisines like African, Asian, and European recipes.

He plays with flavors and seasonings and turns them into amazing recipes. Surprisingly, all the recipes are easy to make and have easy-to-access ingredients. If not, alternatives are also provided. Hello beginners! Get your Korean food expertise from the “222 recipes” cookbook.

6. Korean Home Cooking    

The cookbook is about “Sohnmat,” a Korean phrase translated as “taste of the hand.” another way to understand this is homemade food tastes better. 

Korean food is ingrained with the idea of balancing carbs, proteins, and fats. Korean Home Cooking allows reconnection by sharing with those at the table. They believe that health begins with what you eat. 

During stress, it becomes difficult to reconnect with our bodies and with the world; however, nourishing ourselves with healthy and nutritious food makes our day better! 

There are 100 heart-healthy recipes for Korean cuisines, like kimchi, crisp mung bean pancakes, seaweed soup, spicy chicken stew, and japchae noodles. 

“This is not a book; it’s a vast variety of Korean dishes, including recipes like sides and soups in the main course. And most importantly, detailed procedures for making kimchi”. ~ G. Taylor 

About the Author

Sohui Kim and Rachel Wharton are the authors of Korean Home Cooking. Sohui is the chef and a co-owner of Insa, New York, and Good Fork in Brooklyn.

Rachel is a food writer and journalist who won the James Beard Foundation award. Wharton is a coauthor of That’s Delicious and The Good Fork Cookbook. She loves to travel and do photography, which shows her love for Korean Home Cooking.

7. Korean & Bowls Cookbook 

Korean And Bowls Cookbook
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09/29/2022 07:46 am GMT

Maki Blanc walks you through the traditional Korean staples, including rice, kimchi, veggies, and meat. Around 70 recipes from China and Korea have been gathered amazingly with typical Korean flavors and Asian fusion, mainly shown through “bowls” that are prepared in their healthier and more manageable version, containing vegetables and meat.

Whether it’s about Bibimbap or grain-based food, you will find delicious Korean meals in this cookbook. So try these Korean recipes and spice up your tastebuds!

About the Author

Maki Blanc is not a single-focused cuisine chef but an Asian and European Cuisine expert. Having culturally diversified parents and being a food lover, she worked as a home chef and became a Korean, Asian, Thai, Japanese, and French food perfectionist.

8. The Korean Vegan Cookbook  

If you haven’t visited Joanne Lee Molinaro’s TikTok videos, you must watch her! She cooks Korean recipes so beautifully while sharing her stories of life. You need to check her out! Once you watch, you’ll come to know why her cookbooks became bestsellers on Amazon. She enlightens many fans with her love and spirit for food. She shares some traditional and favorite Korean dishes as the Korean vegan cookbook is all about sauce, fish, and bbq.

However grilled meat is also valued in Korean food, but what makes it magical? Doenjang (fermented (soybean paste), gochujang (fermented red chili paste), dashima, and more, to name a few. These recipes are entirely plant-based and tasty.

No country collects such an audience as quickly as Korea does. Imagine what else this country has to offer for culture, history, adventurers, travel, and foodies.

“I have been waiting for months, and, finally, it does not disappoint me. I have spent hours reading this book. It is gracefully written and beautifully photographed. Each recipe has a different story and makes me feel like she’s in the kitchen with me. Joanne teaches us how to store ingredients by providing easy instructions. This is the best if you are looking for a Korean vegan cookbook. I would highly recommend it to my friends. This book is a gift!” ~ Kim 

About the Author

Molinaro is a Korean American trial lawyer who was born in Chicago. 

One childhood recipe she ate on her birthday was Korean-Chinese black bean noodles. Her childhood recipes are Jjajangmyun, The rich Korean Chinese black bean noodles, Gamja Guk, and Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake. 

Molinaro took up a plant-based diet in January 2016. Later that year, she started a project with Korean vegans. She has gathered millions of fans across the globe and has become very popular on TikTok.

9. The Beauty Of Korean Foods 

You won’t get a more authentic Korean cuisine book than this one. Instead, it is co-sponsored by the Korean government to introduce typical Korean flavors worldwide.

Are you a Korean living overseas? This cookbook provides the international measurements ( SI units) and standardized 100 recipes of traditional Korean specialties and spices. However, it might be challenging to find specific Korean ingredients, but once you try out the recipes, Korean cuisine will become your favorite one! 

“Terrific Korean Cookbook. This cookbook mentions everything from heating time, prep time, service temp, sodium, fat, and even heat control. It’s fantastic. “~ Ashley. 

About the Author

Yoon Sook- Ja is not the typical self-taught cooking pro but a professional leader exploring Korean food globally via International platforms and her many amazing cookbooks.

10. Instant Pot Korean Cookbook 

Korean culture has risen to become the defining country of the nation abroad. This book is a classic piece with thrilling meals that amazes readers with versatile recipes. Instant Korean cookbooks are filled with taste, power, and love. 

With nearly 50 easy recipes, you can make your day super delicious! This book will teach you to explore and get a healthy life!

“This Korean book is an updated version of Korean classics. It contains all the menus broken down to the sides and soups. Moreover, I tried the Bossam recipe, and it turned up yummy. It was delicate and savory! Next recipe, I want to try mandu and spicy tofu recipes. These recipes seem to be family recipes. The book has a nice size and is not too heavy. It is a masterpiece to gift an instant pot to start with cooking.” ~Ginny.

About the Author

Christy Lee got her degree from Le Cordon Bleu in 2007. Currently working as a full-time music teacher in Orange County and chef for an online meal delivery company, where she makes the original version of homemade Korean foods delivered to customers in their homes.

Korean Cookbooks Summary

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