The 10 Best Greek Cookbooks, authentic food that you’ll love having in your kitchen!

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Greek Cookbooks

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Hi, I am Chef Zara. In this post, I will guide you through the best Greek Cookbooks.

I love discovering new food and cooking with friends and family. One of the most common questions that I often get is for cookbook recommendations. I have created this guide for friends, family, and new friends alike. I hope that you enjoy our site.

Flavors from all over Greece 🌿

Traditional Greek cuisine is one of the world’s most diverse and colorful cuisines. It has been influenced by many cultures, including the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Balkan, French, and Spanish. The Greeks were known for their wines, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables.

Greek food is very different from what we know today. It is a mixture of ancient and modern recipes that makes it very interesting for all ages. There are many types of meat in Greek dishes, such as lamb, chicken, or beef, but fish like octopus or squid is cooked differently depending on the seasonings used for cooking them. If you love having Grecian dishes, or if you want to try your hand at making their delicious recipes, you need to see this!

Here are the 10 Best Greek Cookbooks you need to know right now! 👇

1. My Greek Table

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this cookbook because it offers a new perspective on Greek food. Diane Kochilas has a way of taking classic Greek recipes and making them feel fresh and approachable. The recipes are easy to follow, but they also have enough complexity that you won’t feel like you’re just trying to make an omelet or grilled cheese sandwich.

The illustrations by Gary Nadeau add to the appeal of this book; they’re colorful and beautiful, but they also show you what’s happening in each dish as you’re cooking it. This book will be staying on our kitchen counter for a long time!

What The Readers Are Saying👂

“The book is well written with beautiful pictures of the dishes described. Authentic Greek cooking is, for me, my newest frontier to explore. The book is my guide. I can’t wait to start making some of these great recipes.” – Richard P. Grossman

Review 📖

My Greek Table is a cookbook that celebrates the flavors and traditions of Greece but also offers a fresh take on the food we all love. The book starts with a simple introduction to Greek cooking and how to use it in your kitchen. The next part of the book is dedicated to classic and new recipes that will make you feel like you’re getting away with something like eating Greek food without leaving your house!

There are plenty of photos throughout this Greek cookbook to help inspire you as well as tips on making sure everything turns out right. I enjoyed this cookbook because it offers an authentic taste and some new ideas for approaching Greek cooking at home!

2. Sea Salt and Honey

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this Greek cookbook because it is so beautifully written. The author’s descriptions of the food and the people who make it are vivid, making you feel like you’re there, and we can’t get enough of their stories. The recipes themselves are incredibly delicious, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to Greek cooking in a new way.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“I love this cookbook. With some basic pantry ingredients, you can make many recipes in this cookbook quickly and easily. Pictures are helpful, and recipes are easy to follow. It’s also a great gift!” – Laura D. Mullaney

Review 📖

This cookbook celebrates the food of Kardamili, a small village in Greece famous for its unique cuisine. The book features 100 recipes for everything from souvlaki to saganaki and other dishes like moussaka and pastitsio.

The author’s love of food is evident throughout this cookbook; each recipe has an accompanying story or description that helps you understand what made it unique to the author. For example, one recipe describes how food was prepared during wartime when meat was scarce; another describes how one chef uses vegetable oil instead of butter to fry bread crumbs so as not to waste any oil! 

About the Author ✍️

The book is written by Nicholas Tsakiris, together with his daughters Olivia and Chloe, who are all Greek nationals who have lived in Kardamili since they were children.

3. The Foods Of The Greek Islands

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this Greek cookbook because it provides a glimpse into the foods and culture of Greece, which we’ve only been able to experience on vacation. The recipes are simple and delicious, but they also rely on ingredients that are locally sourced and sustainable. The text is easy to follow, and the photos are beautiful.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“This book not only has some great recipes but has a really interesting introduction to life and traditions on the Greek islands. Great value for money.” – Amazon Customer

Review 📖

This book is a gem. It is a collection of recipes from the Greek islands, and it is so much more than that. It’s a book that explores how food can be used to tell stories and connect with people on an intimate level, and it does so with such ease.

Kremezi has written this cookbook in such an accessible way that even beginners could figure out how to use this book. She takes you through each recipe with a short story about what inspired her to create it, and then she explains how to prepare each dish. She also gives tips on what kind of ingredients are needed for each dish as well as where they can be found on your local supermarket shelf or farmer’s market stand.

4. Opa! The Healthy Greek Cookbook

Why We Love It ❤️

We love Opa! because it’s an excellent cookbook for anyone who wants to live the good life but who doesn’t want to compromise on their health. The recipes are modern and Mediterranean, so you can feel like you’re eating something healthy without sacrificing flavor. And they’re easy to make! Here’s more about Mediterranean food (check out our guide on the Best Maltese Cookbooks).

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“I absolutely adore my Opa! Cookbook. I’ve already made several recipes from it – they are healthy, easy to make, and delicious! I am excited to work my way through this great cookbook, and I am so glad I discovered it! I highly recommend it.” – Rachel S.

Review 📖

Theo Stephan and Christine Xenos have written a beautiful Greek cookbook that is both healthy and delicious. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, with all ingredients listed. They also provide information about various spices and herbs that can be used to make the recipes even more flavorful. The book is divided into two sections: first, there are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; and second, there are chapters on how to prepare vegetables in different ways (for example, how to steam carrots), how to use dried herbs instead of fresh ones, and how to make your Greek yogurt.

We recommend this book if you’re looking for some tasty new ideas for meals that will keep you energized throughout your day without making you sacrifice taste or quality.

5. My Greek Family Table: Fresh, Regional Recipes

Why We Love It ❤️

This is a cookbook that proves that you can use any ingredients in any combination. The book is full of recipes using fresh and local produce, as well as classic Greek dishes. The author also gives tips on how to make the most of your pantry, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find a few particular ingredients. This is just a cookbook that is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make classic Greek dishes from scratch or for someone who wants to experiment with new flavors and ingredients.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“This book has some wonderful recipes. It also includes information on healing spices used in Greek cooking to help with health conditions. Looking forward to making some of these recipes.” – Amazon Customer

Review 📖

This Greek cookbook is a masterclass in how to make traditional dishes from the Greek Isles taste like they were made yesterday. It’s also an easy-to-follow guide that will teach you how to create your family’s favorite recipes with ease.

The recipes in this book are all about simplicity—they’re easy to follow and simple enough for anyone to make at home without having to spend hours in the kitchen. And if you’re looking for something that’s not only delicious but also healthy, this book has got you covered.

Benardis uses easily accessible and inexpensive ingredients so anyone can make their version of these dishes without breaking the bank or feeling like they need a Ph.D. in cooking science just to use them.

6. The Ultimate Greek Cookbook: 111 BEST Greek Dishes To Cook Right Now

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this cookbook because it’s full of amazing recipes and has a lot of helpful information about Greek cooking and European culture (check out our guide on the Best Roman Cookbooks). Even if you’ve never been to Greece, you will feel like you would know what to expect! And the best part is that most of these recipes are easy enough for a beginner cook who wants to try something new.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“Yeah, yummy. It’s time to start great Greek food. I love this food and enjoy eating it. There are lots of delicious recipes. I fully appreciate it.” – Mekhi Collins

Review 📖

This is a cookbook for lovers of authentic Greek food. Slavka Bodic has done a great job at compiling a list of the best Greek dishes to make in your kitchen. She offers the recipes for 111 different types of Greek dishes, from appetizers to desserts and everything in between.

Each recipe includes a description of how it’s made, an ingredients list, cooking instructions, and even variations that you can try out if you want an even more authentic version of whatever dish it is you’re making.

The book also includes tips on how to store certain kinds of fish or what spices work best with certain types of vegetables. It’s packed with information that will help you perfect all your favorite dishes!

7. My Big Fat Greek Cookbook: Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this cookbook for its unique spin on classic Mediterranean recipes. The author’s experience and expertise shine through in their recipes, which are not only delicious but also full of flavor. The book is also packed with useful tips for making the most out of your ingredients, including a list of favorite pantry items that you’ll want to keep stocked up on at all times.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“These recipes are the real thing–not flashy but very authentic and delicious. If someone wants to learn how to cook Grecian cuisine, this is the only book you need. Beautifully written and photographed.” – Peter G.

Review 📖

This Greek cookbook is filled with tasty recipes that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, you’ll find it in this book.

The authors have created a cookbook that covers all of your needs when it comes to cooking. They offer tips on how to use different spices and herbs, as well as suggestions on where they can be found. They also discuss how to make your dishes healthier by using sugar substitutes such as Splenda instead of sugar.

We highly recommend this book if you’re looking for something new to try (or if you just want to get rid of some old favorites), but it’s also great for people who love Greek cooking but haven’t had much chance to explore the world of Mediterranean cuisine. Keep reading about Mediterranean food (check out our guide in the Macedonian Recipes Book).

8. It’s All Greek to Me

Why We Love It ❤️

The author’s approach to cooking is simple—she shares some of her favorite Mediterranean-style recipes from her family’s century-old cookbooks, but she also gives you a wealth of information on how to make them your own. This book is the perfect connection point between what the Mediterranean diet has to offer and how it can be applied to your everyday life.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“This cookbook is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed every recipe I’ve cooked. Everything I have tried is flavorful and healthy real food. I declared it Greek week last month and made five recipes from the book in the same week. I did this because many of the recipes have the same ingredients (although they each taste unique)!” – TMarie

Review 📖

We can’t get enough of this Greek cookbook! It features recipes from Debbie Matenopoulos’ family, which spans five generations, and it guides you through the process of making your life healthier by incorporating more Mediterranean-style meals into your diet.

The recipes are easy to follow and include step-by-step instructions and photos so that even beginners can cook these dishes successfully. The bonus is that most of the ingredients are readily available in most grocery stores.

9. Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavors

Why We Love It ❤️

We love Kokkari because it is a chock-full Greek cookbook of flavorful Grecian dishes. The recipes are easy to follow and will make you feel like you’ve been cooking for years. The book has something for everyone, from those who want their traditional Greek flavors to those who want something more modern.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“This is an awesome cookbook! It’s beautiful to look at, and the background stories are a delight to read. Excellent information about ingredients and preparation techniques. And the recipes! From Greek classics to grilled dishes to wonderful vegetables and sides, each recipe is a mouth-watering delight.” – D. DeWitt

Review 📖

This Greek cookbook is full of recipes that are easy to follow and quick to prepare—perfect for those who are pressed for time and don’t have a lot of ingredients on hand. The book is also very well organized so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

The recipes include both traditional dishes and some new twists on classic recipes that will give your taste buds something new to try. If you’re looking for something new in your kitchen, this book has it!

10. The Olive And The Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking

Why We Love It ❤️

We love this cookbook because it has a religious and historical significance also, it’s an excellent primer for anyone looking to begin learning Greek cooking. We’re pretty sure this book is going to be a favorite of ours for a long time—it’s got everything from basic techniques and recipes to more advanced techniques and recipes that are perfect for those who love Greek food but aren’t quite ready to go all in on olives and capers yet.

This cookbook combines ancient Greek cuisine art with modern techniques and ingredients. The author, Susanna Hoffman, has a wealth of knowledge about Greek food and culture, which makes her book a unique read.

What The Readers Are Saying 👂

“Perfect for cooking with children. It’s nicely laid out with recipes and bite-sized snippets about Greek food and myths/history.” – Caroline

Review 📖

The book includes recipes for traditional Greek dishes like moussaka and spanakopita, as well as some modern twists on the classics. The author’s love for her native land shines through in this cookbook which makes the recipes easy to follow.

This book is excellent for anyone who wants to learn more about Greek food and culture.

Final Thoughts

Greek cuisine is one of the most loved and sought-after culinary experiences. It is a combination of different cultures, traditions, and flavors. This cuisine has existed for thousands of years and is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. There are thousands of cookbooks, about this great cuisine, not only by Greek citizens or greek publishers. One of the greatest American magazines, Phaidon, has many worldwide cookbooks that you need to read (check out our guide on the Best Phaidon Cookbooks).

Greek food is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. Its flavors are complex but not overwhelming. It can be served as an appetizer or a main course. The dishes are often simple and rustic, with a mix of meat and fish.

About Greek Cooking

Greek cooking is as varied and delicious as the people who cook it. You can find fresh fish, vegetables, spices, and herbs in every Greek kitchen. 

Greece has a long history of using fresh ingredients to create flavorful and satisfying dishes. The Greeks love their food, and they’ve been perfecting their craft for thousands of years. Every time you eat a Greek dish, you’re eating a piece of history!

Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine has a long history, and it’s one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Greek food is characterized by its use of fresh ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and cheeses. Many dishes feature meat or fish as the primary ingredient.

Greek cuisine has been influenced by its geography—the Mediterranean Sea and islands surrounding it has been a source of fresh seafood for thousands of years. Many Greeks consider seafood to be an essential part of their diet! Keep reading about seafood (check out our guide on the Best Puerto Rican Cookbooks).

Greek dishes are known for their rich and complex flavors, which often result from using many different spices and herbs. Here are some popular authentic Greek recipes:

  • Greek salad is a traditional salad that can be made with any number of different types of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and more—it’s an excellent choice for when you want something light and refreshing on a hot summer day!

  • Moussaka is a classic Greek dish featuring layers of eggplant, potatoes, and ground meat baked in an oven until it’s golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s been around for centuries, but it’s gaining popularity again thanks to its rich flavor and ease of preparation. This delicious plate is also common in Egypt (check out our guide on the Best Egyptian Cookbooks).

  • Pastitsio is another traditional Greek dish made with eggplant layered with pasta sheets, buttery sauces, and cheese—it’s one of our favorite comfort foods!

  • Grilled Chicken Kebabs are made with chicken breasts, marinated in lemon and oregano, then grilled. It’s served with rice pilaf and salad.

  • Baklava is a dessert that is a layered pastry filled with nuts, honey, and syrup. It’s traditionally eaten during the Christmas season.

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