32 Fruits that Start with G

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After researching on fruits that start with G, we found out that there are many types of fruits that start with the letter G. These fruits include grapes, guavas, goiaba, goji berries and gooseberries just to name a few.  

Here are 32 fruits that start with G.

fruits that start with g

Fruits that Start with G


GAC fruit is a hybrid that tastes like green apples and has the characteristics of a kiwi, it was first discovered in South Africa. GAC fruit is well known because it is not easy to grow them; they need hot weather to grow.


Galia Melon Fruit is very tasty and juicy, it looks like a watermelon but instead of being red and pink on the outside it’s usually orange or yellow with green stripes. Galia melon fruit can be eaten raw or cooked; in some countries they like to cook them with chicken and spices.


The gardenia fruit looks like green apricots or maybe little brown bushes. This fruit is usually used to heal sores or even get rid of acne in some cases, the leaves can also be turned into tea that tastes a little bitter but still okay to drink and serve with food; this could be made by boiling it until it becomes thick.


Grapes are one of my favorite fruits, grapes are great because they have seeds inside them which means you can save the seeds for next year so if you miss out on eating grapes then just plant them somewhere else (you can put them in your backyard or garden) and after 2 months you may see sweet little red berries growing off those vines.


Guava fruit is really cool because it can be used for a lot of things, you can cook them like any other fruit or boil the skin and drink the juice or even make jam. Guavas taste interesting; they have a very fruity flavor to them but still not too sweet.


The grapefruit is mostly used as medicine, you don’t see this all that often in your average kitchen unless someone wants to eat a meal with some kind of citrus fruit (but I wouldn’t recommend eating it raw). The grapefruit usually has seeds on the inside wrapped in bitter white stuff called pith; if you want to get rid of the pith then just slice out the middle.


The graveolen fruit also goes by one more name, that name is Chinese gooseberry which means that it tastes better than green apples and looks kind of like apples with red stripes. Some people eat these fruits just as they are but others use cranberries to put in desserts because the taste is similar to apples and cranberries.


The gamboges is a fruit that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it’s one of my favorites. The taste isn’t too bad, it has a strong cranberry flavor with just an extra kick to make it better. Remember when I said the pith was bitter? Well, these fruits have no pith on the inside so it’s perfect to eat without getting any nasty surprises in there.


Genip fruit is kind of like a pear; they’re round and green on the outside but when you cut them open there’s usually pit in the middle. These fruits aren’t that juicy which is probably why most people eat them dried then boil them into tea with some sugar, or even just drink the juice straight up without any sugar at all if you want to be healthy (some people think that sugar lowers your energy).


This fruit is a cross between a plum and an orange, it looks a little like an acorn but is more roundish; they can be eaten fresh or boiled into juice with some sugar in it. The huge granadilla fruit almost always has seeds on the inside, you can either eat them raw or simply put them in the fridge to keep them from growing (if you want to save the plant so you have fresh fruits later on).


The gooseberry isn’t one of my favorite fruits because of its taste, if I were forced to eat this then I would tell someone else that they had to cook unless they wanted to take the risk. First off, these berries taste very bitter; when you eat them they’ll make your tongue feel like it’s on fire. They’re all red and yellow with green leaves so if you want to use this for decoration then do that instead of trying to force yourself to eat something that doesn’t taste good (while it may be healthy, the taste is awful).


The golden apple fruit looks a lot like an orange but with brown stripes, they’re really good for breakfast because of how sweet the taste is. Whenever I eat these fruits it’s usually as a snack whenever the teacher isn’t looking or when my parents aren’t home to yell at me (yes, sometimes you have to do that in order to sneak away).


The goumi fruit is actually a lot better than any other citrus fruit you could find, I would even say that it’s better than the grapefruit. When you eat this fruit you’ll taste something like lemon and lime mixed with a little bit of orange, don’t be surprised if your tongue is on fire from eating these fruits because they have a very sour tang to them.


This fruit is a lot bigger than your average plum, it’s usually purple with black seeds on the inside. The only problem with these fruits is that they might have some small bugs in them; if you see bugs then just throw it away and don’t eat it because eating it could give you stomach problems.


The grazing grapefruit was once known as “Grazing Heart”, when this fruit was first discovered people thought it was going to be the best tasting grapefruit ever but then all of the sudden there were no more left because everyone who found out about this new variety immediately went to grow their own (that’s how most things work).


The granadilla is a lot like the giant granadilla, except it’s smaller (and has seeds). It usually tastes better than the giant variety but isn’t quite as sweet, anyway if you want to eat this fruit then try and cook it just so you can peel off the skin since it’s pretty hard to eat.


This fruit looks just like an orange but has brown stripes on the inside with some pith in between; these fruits are good for making juice or for drying out into some kind of snack. I don’t recommend eating this fruit raw because of the sour taste that comes from them; make sure not to throw away all of those seeds because they’re actually the best part!


The grizzly bear fruit looks a lot like the starfruits, except I think it tastes better. These fruits are very sweet and smooth to eat so just try them out if you don’t believe me; when you take a bite into one of these then you’ll taste something that reminds you of honey with just a hint of chocolate (this is probably because some bees spread their honey on top). People usually ask me “where can I find some grizzly bear fruit” but I never know where exactly they’re from. Some people say that they grow in the Southern United States while others claim that my memory isn’t good enough (which is true).


As I just said, there are all kinds of grapefruit and usually there is a hint of sourness to them. Sometimes they can be a lot sweeter than you would think but sometimes it might make your tongue burn (especially if you eat the skin). When I was younger my parents told me that this fruit was only good for cooking because eating it raw would give me some kind of stomach problem but then again maybe that was a lie so don’t trust everything your parents say to you.


This fruit is a lot like the grizzly bear fruit but I think it tastes worse. These fruits are mostly sweet with just a hint of bitterness to them, if you try eating one then make sure that there aren’t any bugs in it (why would you want bugs crawling around inside your mouth?).

21 – GRAPES:

I don’t really know where grapes come from since they’re everywhere; some people say that red ones taste better than black ones while others claim that white grapes taste the best. Anyway, these fruits are pretty sweet and sour at the same time which makes them a very good snack food.


When I was younger my parents told me that the guava fruit would give me a stomach problem if I ate it raw, so of course I believed them and decided not to eat one. Later on in life my friends convinced me to try eating one because they said that it wouldn’t give me any problems; they were right because for some reason these fruits don’t seem to have any side effects when you eat them raw. Anyway, this fruit is a lot like an apple or pear but tastes much sweeter and has smooth yellow seeds.


The Guava Pine Fruit isn’t actually a grapefruit since it’s really just some pears grown inside of a pineapple (that makes it a pine-apple). Anyway, just like all of the other pears it has seeds and is pretty sweet. I don’t recommend eating these unless you’re really hungry because they’re kind of hard to get out (that’s why most people opt for buying them already opened).


Nobody knows how this fruit came about since when we found two different fruits growing together, we immediately went to cut them apart; however, instead of one pineapple and one guava there was actually two pears! We tried thinking that maybe some animal had taken a bite out of both fruits but that didn’t make any sense since then we would have seen teeth marks in between the seeds. These fruits are similar to a pineapple, except the seeds are hard to get out since they grew inside of another fruit’s skin.


Whenever I was younger I would always ask my parents where I could find one of these fruits; they said that they only grew in parts of Africa which was a very good reason not to eat one. My friends later on in life told me that they grew everywhere (which wasn’t true) and soon after hearing that, I decided to get as many greengages as I could from local shops before the season ended. When you look at the inside of this fruit it has a lot of seeds and sometimes even paste (that’s why most people don’t really like them).


I was born in a country where these fruits were constantly eaten; you could find them just about everywhere and if you had trouble reaching one then chances are there would be someone willing to give it to you (it always makes me wonder how they taste since I’ve never tried eating one). Anyway, when you cut this fruit open you can see that it’s similar to an apple or pear but much more solid.


When I walked past the guanabana fruit I noticed that they have a lot of sticky stuff on their rinds so instead of trying to eat the inside right away, I decided just to sell them off for some quick cash. Not only did people buy them, they also told me that I should eat one since it can help with a stomachache or even diarrhea.


It’s funny how some fruits look really strange and surreal (like the guarana fruit or even a pineapple), while others look like they’d taste horrible (like the yakon melon). However, when you learn about their background you may just want to give them a try; for example, it turns out that the guarana fruit is actually something that Indians use for medicine.


I’m not sure if this is the same thing as the guava fruit, but it looks exactly like it except that instead of being a yellowish-green color it’s purple. I’ve never tasted one before (somehow I just can’t find them anywhere) so I have no idea what they’re suppose to taste like.


This fruit is very similar to a watermelon, but it doesn’t have any seeds (instead it has a lot of little air bubbles). Just like all other melons this fruit is pretty sweet and tastes pretty good. I first saw these fruits at the grocery store about 5 years ago and thought they looked really cool; however, ever since then that’s all I’ve seen which is kind of weird since they’re so expensive.


I’m not sure how long gyakubikinis have been around for, but my guess would be somewhere around 10-20 years. The reason why people think this fruit only started recently is because the orange part on the inside tastes so good that you’d never think it could be the same thing as a pandan fruit.


Gynpies are really similar to a cherry but much more sour; in fact, I once tried having one of these fruits inside of a bagel (since that’s at what they taste like) and it turned out awesome! The only problem is that you have to be careful when eating gympie fruit since they can give you diarrhea.

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